Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Language Barrier.. toddler style

"I love to smile!"

Today was one of those "vocal days" and I just have to share some of our favorite "new" words. Logan loves learning -- and talking and signing are definitely favorite things to do. He knows at least 20 signs -- some are used more than others. His absolute favorite is "candy" - both the word and the sign. And that one he says correctly, along with several others -- "Daddy", "welcome", "mommy", "candy" (of course), "eat", "off", "ok", "poopy", and many others.

Then there are the ones that most toddlers struggle with....
Thank you
fix it
love you

Now then, I can handle... things like
"ookie!" (cookie)
"cane que!" (thank you)
"ix it" (fix it)
"go" (car, or any other vehicle -- until recently)
"uv u" (love you)
"nuh uh" (no)
and "MOTE!" (remote)

But one that embarasses most parents is of course ...
"*uck!" (truck).......... time for some creative thinking! This especially came to a head tonite when Logan brought in a toy saying of course "*uck!"... I got this look, you know the one, from my husband. (The whole eyebrow lift with the gaze over the rim of his glasses kind of look.)

I had to think of something and fast! Well, I KNOW the "tr" combination is something Logan simply is not going to manage just yet. Okay, remedy -- teach him "ruck". Minus that "tr" sound and YAY! He got it first try. Much to my delight and to my husband's relief!

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that toddlers struggle with those combination sounds. My mother told me when I was growing up that I could not say, "Kentucky" for KFC and would always remove the "kent" and replace it with an "f", much to her dismay. Her solution? KFC became "That chicken place."

And kids of course, will repeat just about anything you say! Do not ever doubt that they can say exactly what you dont want them to!

I shared several things about my fun toddler today with a friend of mine. Her and I talk as often as we can. And we have never met in person. She's a piano teacher and I am a caregiver. Our talk tonite was about our blessings. I talked to her about a movie called "The Punisher". Now, it is of course a "blast em, blow em up, kill em!" kind of show. But there is one important scene in it. Where "P" talks about the meaning of "upset". You have to see it to get the full impact of it, and to understand just how blessed we are each and every day. Yes, I realise that the movie is based on a comic book hero -- and though many lives are not as "dramatic" as that, there are still people like "P" who loose every thing.

Remember your blessings and thank the One who provides for you all the time.

Sweetest of Dreams!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sometimes life........

Is more than I can tolerate.

I got home today and things started out kind of rough. But they are not near as bad for me as they are my client that I adore. I wasn't sitting with her last nite, another caregiver was assigned to her for the evening didnt show, and the client fell and broke her leg.

I am heartbroken.
I am angry.
I want to strangle someone.

I am worried I may be out of a job -- not because it's my fault she got hurt, but that the husband who hired our company may sue. And he would be well within his rights to do so and not to mention grounds to do so. Which in effect could put me out of a job.

And I have not felt the best the last few days... headache thing going on. I think its sinus related.

Am feeling scattered so am going to close with a recipe:

Cinnamon French Toast (MY WAY!)
6 slices bread of choice (we buy wheat so that's what i use)
2 eggs - cracked into a pie plate and scrambled til frothy
1 scant teaspoon vanilla
2/3 cup milk

In a pie plate mix eggs, milk and vanilla. On a seperate plate place the sliced bread upon plate and lightly dust both sides of each bread slice with cinnamon. Dip dusted bread into egg batter. Fry on a hot skillet til browned on both sides, flipping as needed. Serve with homemade syrup -- 1 cup caro syrup, 1/3 cup brown sugar, 1 scant tea. maple flavoring, 2 teas. water. heated and mixed well to dissolve brown sugar. serve over favorite pancakes, waffles or toast.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Am Telling!

We all, at one point and time, during our lives get those phone calls that are just plain nasty. A person on the other end thinking they are funny, cute and really are just plain rude.
My mother got one of these kind of callers and she tried everything to get this nasty person to stop calling - whistles, hanging up, you name it she tried it. The last time this person called she came up with an idea - and that resolved the calls completely.

*phone rings*
Mother answers,"hello."
Nasty person breathes heavy and makes some nasty comment........
Mother, whom has definitely had enough, says,
"If you don't stop calling I am going to tell God on you!"
Mother hears *CLICK*!
Phone calls completely stopped.

Mother commented to me that it was the first time a prank caller had hung up on her!


Many blessings, and remember to "Tell God on them (problems)!"
Mom to Calvin, Caleb, TJ, Stephen and Logan.
Adopted Mom to Candace, Ian and Joseph.
Long Distance mom to Britney

Monday, July 24, 2006

WCB - better late than never.....

A repeat picture....

Pause - because you pause to gaze at those paws!

These are the new kids on the block. You see Pause, Pickles the calico and Sarah the black baby! There are two more babies that I will show you soon. Scamper your way over to Clare's at Eatstuff to meet up with more adorable kitties and their adopted humans. I will be back later with a run down of the weekend and what all happened here in my corner of the world! Hope you have a blessed week!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Day to Rest?

Meet the new faces -
Pause, Pickles, and Sarah.

Well, not really. I did need to clean my house today. As I was getting my coffee ready and feeding the kids cereal I noticed my eldest son's sunglasses on the top of the fridge.
My 5 yr. old also notice them as I commented on them.
He asked me, "Can I have them?"
My reply,"No."
He states, "I want them. I am blind. Logan looks wierd."
I had to laugh.

It's 9:45 Am CST and I have opted to keep my scrub top on as it has pockets so I can stash a small clock to keep up with the time. I am getting my morning routine started and done. I like getting my routine done as it helps keep me motivated through out the day to have things accomplished. *later in day* It's now 1:30pm CST and even though I have most of my morning routine done I am finding that I am getting tired. I have picked at things with no real rhyme or reason and have a monkey climbing on me nearly constantly.

I have several favorite sayings and my most used one currently is that "Life is carved in jello. The Jello gets hot and melts. When it cools you have to start carving all over again." A few I have shared in the past and recently are -- "Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons. For you are crunchy and good with ketchup!" and "Blessed are those who are flexible, for they are not easily bent."

I talked to my adopted daughter the other day. I am not her biological mother, but I love her as if she were my own. She called me to tell me what's going on with her physically, and to get some advice. She's struggling physically with pain so I am praying for healing concerning that, and that the doctors can help her too. She asked me for advice concerning some choices she's been offered in the way of getting a more permanent place to stay, a personal car and college/career classes. I offered advice in the respect she's got to have a place to live and those classes would be a huge benefit. To take baby steps in accomplishing short and long term goals. I keep her in thoughts and prayers that she will take my advice to heart and that the Lord will offer her some understanding in why I said get a home first, then worry about personal transportation. I love her a great deal even though I don't get to talk to her often and I always wonder how she's managing. She's very intelligent and loving. I do hope she reaches out and accomplishes what tasks she's had placed before her.

*groans* Do you know how hard it is to clean a room with a 2 yr old helper, 1 adult cat and 5 kittens all piled up under your feet??? Only trained professionals should attempt this feat! Yeash!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Blogger block..................

I have heard of it... seen it... but this is the first experience.........

I will check back later on and see if I have something then...


Saturday, July 15, 2006

WCB - Carmel and stuffs

I am soooo cool!

I opted to combine my daily post and WCB all into one lump sum. Besides its only 1pm and am already exhausted from mowing the 1.25 acres we have for two hours with the neighbor boy -- who by the way did an awesome job.

Weekend Cat Blogging has usually been hosted by Clare over at Eatstuff. However, she's been MIA and we are all hoping she returns soon. Today I am featuring Carmel. She is a very small little lady - who is gonna get spayed soon. She was born to Cricket (no longer with us) about 18 months ago. My neighbor says that Carmel is pretty -- "PRETTY UGLY!"... and though I am not too fond of her markings which remind me of a block of carmel rolled around in either dirt or better yet oreo crumbs... She is one cool cat as she allows my 5 yr old son to carry her around on his shoulders like some sort of living, breathing, silent meowing boa! I cannot host this weeks WCB as I have to go to work and dont have time to do the round up -- but I will volunteer myself for next weekend if no one objects. (And if that is the case that I can - I will do the round up on Sunday afternoon around 4pm CST USA - you would have until then to send in your links.*or after and I would add you to the round up as I get them. Thanks.) In the mean time -- who ever volunteers for this weekend -- please let us all know?

UPDATE! Chef Sarah Jane joyously volunteered to host this weekends WCB for Clare and all the other kitty loving humans out there. Please visit her blog for plenty of kitty cuteness and leave your comments and submissions with her!

I was meandering thru town one day and there is a church on the north/south main drag that has a sign that has fun quotes on it -- a new one every week. Some months ago it said

"Blessed are those who are flexible, for they are not easily bent!"

Now, that is so truthful. And if you are flexible then things tend to go a little easier. Now, we cannot be flexible in everything in our daily lives, this much I do know. But if you try to be flexible most of the time you do spend a great deal more time enjoying things rather than just being upset about it all.

Have a blessed and flexible day everyone!

Friday, July 14, 2006

What a mess!

Are we there yet?

Earlier today I featured two blogs that caught my attention and made me laugh. Both of those things are easily done by the way but it's not always the case to get featured. I love reading about other moms and whats going on in their little corners of the world. I don't feel so alone with my challenges with my children.

Okay, am tired and frustrated this evening so am going to keep this short. Time for the quote of the day :
All stressed out and nobody to choke!
Sponsered by: bumperstickers.

That describes my evening perfectly. Am tired of aggravating people that think their way is the "ONLY" way!

Have a great evening! At least better than mine is currently.

Yeash... what a start!

What a cheesy smile!

Okay, its been a rough 36 or so hours. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as it was none stop go go go ... between getting new feet for the car and all the other things I did manage to get done I didnt make it to the computer -- yesterday's post was written up though.. and here it is! --

Post that was supposed to be for July 13 is below. -- check out the blogs I feature in it -- you are sure to get a laugh from blogs other moms have shared about daily life with kids. Enjoy!

grumpy is up... and grumping?

my clustrmap... what fun! I found out about from Becca. She has one on her blog and she's gotten visits from everywhere too! Since plugging in clustrmap to my blog I have had 49 or so visits -- which started on July 8. I love it! I can tell there are peeps visiting me, they don't have to leave a comment or anything except a little dot on my map and I know there are those out there who are at least curious about my quiet little corner of the world.

Yes, I am happy about blogging -- but I have found blogs that are at least more entertaining than my own. Two of which are Rocks in my dryer. with a mom who knows what rocks, snakes, poop and kids are all about and she's entertaining in relaying her daily adventures with just about anything and everything in her corner too. Then there is BooMama with her version on how she sees life and her entertaining scope on life too. I read both current and previous posts on both these blogs and found myself laughing with both understanding and greatful feelings of knowing its okay not to "scrapbook" and to find goodness-knows-what in your washer/dryer and disorganization that children bring when you have to rescue -- um... teach your kids about the right ways to accomplish daily living tasks.

Today has started out on a bad note. My tummy is tumbling. I don't feel good and I have plenty to do and feel well... overwhelmed! So I broke up my day into small chunks -- dishes and laundry are my least favorite chores. 5 minutes at the sink, 5 minutes putting away clean laundry. And in between doing a room here or there. So far today I have managed to get the bathroom cleaned up -- needs more work. Fed kids and cats. Straightened up the laundry room. And throughly cleaned one corner of the kitchen. Time to do more dishes and do a first pick at laundry. Man... my tummy HURTS! Bleck!

I opted for a bath. No, not feeling any better tummy wise. But my body and hair are clean and soft again.

Stop post for July 13 -- my tummy never fully recovered and before I was able to do yesterdays post I decided I was just plain too tired to deal with it. Today there will be two posts to make up for it!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hay Day...

Today has really been an off day. I went to town to grocery shop, drop off an important letter and pay the bill for internet. When I got home I did do a few of my morning routine things -- however, not all of them. So I do need to finish that. I fixed lunch for everyone and then fell asleep.

My neighbor's goats got a treat. The neighbor was given a round bale that the ties had broken on. So the feed store couldnt sell it. He had been just grabbing up armfulls and tossing it over the fence line. He figured that was too much work, so he pushed the trailer load of hay right into the small pasture. Those goats have had a blast curling up on top of the bale and eating. LAZY! LOL He caters to those critters and they are quite happy!

Quote of the day sponsered by:
"Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Daily Doings....

Coral chilling out.

Why is it that cats love boxes? Even flattened out sheets of cardboard they manage to have fun with! Coral stretched out for a nap in the afternoon sun on a box we had set out.

Today's quote:

As seen on an Amish Carriage:
"Energy efficient vehicle. Runs on oats and grass. Beware of exhaust!"

I had seen that in a daily quote somewhere a long time ago. I had the opportunity to share it on the air today at a local Country/Western station. They were having a share the bumper sticker day.

I did get my morning routine done and added to my daily routine by getting outside to water the plants. I did fertilize them too. I should get some new pictures and show off my varigated Hawiian hybiscus bush... Perhaps soon.

Work has been interesting. I am exhausted and grateful for a few days off -- even though I am getting calls from the office to find out about schedules. I had not planned on being in town today -- and to my dissappointment I cannot be where I had hoped to be. I don't have the money to travel and though I did have enough notice to make to said point it's just not feasible. And am sorry. Signing off now.....

I hope your day has been blessed! Please leave a message if you stop by. (If you have time that is.) Thanks!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Some more progress!

Shhhhhh... I am sleeping

Okay, Sunday my ISP burped hard and I was not able to get online so I was unable to do an update. Bad ISP- no bits or bytes for you! LOL And yes, the computer is back up and running with an additional 256K of Ram installed along with the best antivirus program available on lend from a buddy. Last week it simply decided it could no longer handle all the stuff I had installed on it.

Logan gave up on his day, and I wish I could do this more! LOL Though sleeping in such a position would twist muscles rather painfully. This is a picture from a few months ago -- so you probably have seen it before but I don't have anything newer to post yet as I have uploaded it to the computer but have not sized it for web- use. Please bear with me.

Have any of you worked on a Sudoku puzzle? Those blasted things are addictive! I have done three in the last week and have even drawn up blanks and filled in the original puzzles and done them again! And of course my day would not be complete without finding and copying down a new puzzle from

Another quote from Firehotquotes-

we get into the biggest fights with the ones that we care for... because those are ones that you're willing to fight for!
submitted by: CrAzYSaRaH16549

*even if its possible we are wrong.*(my personal addition -those who need to know will.)

Okay, I spent the day with my hunny after working last nite so I did my morning routine in my mind on the way to SA for an ortho appt. Yes, those chores still did get done, just not by me. Tomorrow is a new day and I will get my morning routine done and hopefully a whole bunch more. I have the next three days off and desperately need them.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A new day..... (Day 2)

LeChat Baby!

Yesterday was a day of recovery. I started my morning routine and managed to fully accomplish everything on the list. Today -- even though for some reason it took me much longer to get my morning routine done it has been fully accomplished.

I didn't write in my journal last nite -- but I will have it with me tonite at work and I should have time to do some entries into it.

The photo shown is of LeChat. My eldest son took it and I love it. LeChat is very special. She came to me when she was extremely ill. Her sibling did not survive, and she barely did. Medicines, feedings and a ton of TLC make the kitty she is today -- spoiled and loveable!

I enjoyed some coffee with my neighbor this afternoon. He was tickled getting to watch my silly little boy eat like a goat. The little one pulled leaves off the trees and then dropped them on the ground. He proceeded to eat the leaves off the ground as if he was a goat picking them up with his lips and pretending to chew them up.

I have managed to accomplish some extra tasks outside of taking care of my morning routine -- I have throughly cleaned the shelf in the kitchen and cleared and cleaned the table and chairs. The little bathroom is throughly cleaned as well. And I am tired. I have a scrub set ready for work tonite, and hope to wash some clothing tomorrow. I plan on doing three loads - 1 set of towels, 1 set of lights/whites, and one set of darks. I am avoiding jeans and blankets just yet. (But those need to be done and soon.... *sighs*)

I have been doing some reading too. I have a book about devotionals and its been a delight to read and ponder the stories shared there. I hope to share some of my thoughts about those devotionals soon.

Okay, I wanted to find quotes today and came across this site ... now generally it takes a while to find anything really good but this made me roll with laughter. My friend in Oklahoma could get a good tickle by this if I can get her to visit my blog... so I will send her an email and ask her to find the quote listed below.... please read on...

"He sees you when your sleeping,
He knows when your awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good...
Is Santa a stalker?" --- submitted by 3cheers4revenge @

Time to go clean out the car.... See ya tomorrow

Another quote just for fun......

ABCDEFG, gummy bears are after me, one is red, one is blue, the yellow one just stole my shoe, when i catch him i will sue, then i will get back to you!!! ~*~- lol -~*~
submitted by: _bebo-rox_ @

Weekend Cat Blogging - Ayla

Ayla's Story!

You can cat-ch up on WCB over at KayakSoup where Linda is hosting in the stead of Clare this week. We all miss Clare and know she's been busy with classes and healing out from an accident. Return soon Clare -- well and rested and ready to WCB again!

Some years ago a good friend of mine had about 2 dozen cats. She obviously could not keep them all though her children - 3 girls - would have loved to keep all the kitties in the world. Ayla was a kitten at the time -- and called Tiffany. I brought little "Tiffany" home and renamed her Ayla. She settled in well and soon was enjoying life with Missy (featured soon). Ayla had three litters of kittens before I was able to get her spayed. Her first litter was a single baby we called Spot. Spot did not survive. Her second litter she had 3 babies of which we kept Boots. Her next litter she had 3 more and we kept Coral and Marlin (sadly,Marlin is now gone too.) After getting her spayed she became a much happier kitty cat. She now spends her days lounging in the sun and ruling the kitty cat haven we have outside.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Day one!

Okay, so its not really that exciting. I wrote out my morning routine last nite and followed it today. I did get it completed, but didnt do anything this afternoon. Suggestion - if you are going to start something new and monthly cycle kind of things make you miserable -- wait til you feel better.

As seen on a bill board in town at a church:
Use your talents, if only the best birds sang the forest would be silent.

My favorite quote: Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.

Journaling: Not a new or novel concept, but sometimes very elusive. I like to journal but I forget to all the time.

Things to accomplish: teaching my preschooler what he needs to know before kindergarten starts, cleaning my disaster of a home, starting my projects that I want to do....

My challenges : washing clothes by hand as I dont have a working washing machine -- I need a new one since the kenmore was struck by lightening and fried. Trying to reconcile with my best friend as I am not able to make it to her wedding and she's extremely disappointed and unhappy with me. Other challenges that as they unfold I will elaborate more on them.

Send me a line if you get the opportunity to visit. I enjoy hearing from those who pass thru.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another new start?! Could it be?

Okay, I have tried for a month of Sundays to think of some way to get all the things done that I need to, work at a very demanding job (putting ina great deal of hours though the work itself I enjoy so its more of a hobby am getting paid for??) I am a companion/caregiver and honestly I love it. If I didn't I can say right now that I wouldnt be continuing to do it.
At any rate -- if you still visit and you are still interested we have had a great deal happening since Xannon died and we have a whole new crew of fresh kitten faces to show off in time, decisions made -- for better and worse and happenings going on all around. Stay tuned as I am going to try to get a solid routine in place -- it can happen in "baby steps", just look up to see what I mean. And I think I am going to start with a ittybitty morning routine. So without further ado I will try to post around the same time each day -- and if I cannot I should hopefully know the day before. I work nites and I have an outdoor routine I want to accomplish in the mornings before the heat of the day sets in. So wish me luck and please post your comments.

My challenges that we have had since May 1, 2006. We had a major storm blow thru and it blew out my washing machine. I have priced new ones but its been an interesting time to get a new one -- so I have a little washer thats a hand crank called a "wonder wash" from it does a good job. and I have been handwashing everything til i can afford a new washer. we are saving up for a nice one -- maytag with a great warrenty. I had started repairing the washer in question and my 15 yo son blew up the new parts before we could finish repairing the machine. Next thing is I made some choices that really upset my best friend and she's extremely disappointed that I cannot make it to her wedding. And there are a few other challenges that have been thrown my way that I hope in time will be resolved soon.

Send me a line if you drop by! I would love to hear what you have to say!