Friday, July 14, 2006

Yeash... what a start!

What a cheesy smile!

Okay, its been a rough 36 or so hours. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as it was none stop go go go ... between getting new feet for the car and all the other things I did manage to get done I didnt make it to the computer -- yesterday's post was written up though.. and here it is! --

Post that was supposed to be for July 13 is below. -- check out the blogs I feature in it -- you are sure to get a laugh from blogs other moms have shared about daily life with kids. Enjoy!

grumpy is up... and grumping?

my clustrmap... what fun! I found out about from Becca. She has one on her blog and she's gotten visits from everywhere too! Since plugging in clustrmap to my blog I have had 49 or so visits -- which started on July 8. I love it! I can tell there are peeps visiting me, they don't have to leave a comment or anything except a little dot on my map and I know there are those out there who are at least curious about my quiet little corner of the world.

Yes, I am happy about blogging -- but I have found blogs that are at least more entertaining than my own. Two of which are Rocks in my dryer. with a mom who knows what rocks, snakes, poop and kids are all about and she's entertaining in relaying her daily adventures with just about anything and everything in her corner too. Then there is BooMama with her version on how she sees life and her entertaining scope on life too. I read both current and previous posts on both these blogs and found myself laughing with both understanding and greatful feelings of knowing its okay not to "scrapbook" and to find goodness-knows-what in your washer/dryer and disorganization that children bring when you have to rescue -- um... teach your kids about the right ways to accomplish daily living tasks.

Today has started out on a bad note. My tummy is tumbling. I don't feel good and I have plenty to do and feel well... overwhelmed! So I broke up my day into small chunks -- dishes and laundry are my least favorite chores. 5 minutes at the sink, 5 minutes putting away clean laundry. And in between doing a room here or there. So far today I have managed to get the bathroom cleaned up -- needs more work. Fed kids and cats. Straightened up the laundry room. And throughly cleaned one corner of the kitchen. Time to do more dishes and do a first pick at laundry. Man... my tummy HURTS! Bleck!

I opted for a bath. No, not feeling any better tummy wise. But my body and hair are clean and soft again.

Stop post for July 13 -- my tummy never fully recovered and before I was able to do yesterdays post I decided I was just plain too tired to deal with it. Today there will be two posts to make up for it!


Blogger Becca said...

Well I'm here reading about your little corner of the world! I sure hope your weekend is a good one! I have NO idea what we'll be doing tomorrow...but it will involve "new equipment".....stay tuned for a blog post!


Fri Jul 14, 09:12:00 PM  

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