Thursday, June 18, 2009


After 5 years, 11 months and just over 2 weeks of long talks, long walks, and bunches of prayers it is done. My second ex-husband's rights have been officially terminated. And as you can see, by reading this -- that yes, there has been an adoption too.

He has failed (in so many ways) to keep in contact, refused to pay support, to be a part of the child's life that he and I had together.

He will make claims. He will say things now.....

But alas, he is the one that made the choice to keep his silence. He knew, and has always known where to find me. And if he tells you otherwise its just another one of his "dis" honesty traits coming through.

My ex-brother in law is now married and I talk to his wife regularly via text. I only told her limited things for several reasons that her and I have talked about and she said she was "okay" with my reservations.

My ex has refused to tell me where he is. All I ever had was "hearsay". And he's been known to lie to me every single chance he gets. ..........

So, as of today. He no longer has a son. I still get to be a part of Stephen's life as "aunt". And the "other mother".. *giggles. Which is really cute when that little "charm" shows up at opportune times.

Today we celebrate! And give thanks to the Lord!

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