Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Its been a long week...

And its only Wednesday.

I am exhausted. My week really started on Friday last week. My family was invited to go camping at a BEAUTIFUL Campgrounds not very far from Rock Springs milage wise -- however, the last 6 miles to the camp takes about 20 minutes because its not paved. Very remote and very pretty.

I never got to finish this post. So am going to go ahead and upload it and start over on a new one later today!

Hopefully you will stay tuned and will see what I can come up with for the last month of not posting.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Being Called Home.

I look at death in a very different perspective than many. Most hate death, dispise it, fear it. I do not. I look forward to my "calling home". My heart today is both sad and happy. A client was "called home" last night. I will miss her as she was one of those kinds that reaches out and gently touches your heart and leaves an awesome impression. I didn't get to say good bye yet. Yet, I am happy for her too. She's been "called home" to her family and friends that she missed so dearly. See, she was the last of her "family" - no relatives to speak of close by to her heart.

Her basket of flowers was full and I will not soon forget how she touched my heart and my family. And even though I only knew her a very few short weeks she and I became fast friends. I did visit her on my own time... and I will get the chance to say goodbye.

Many blessings...
Remember to tell those you love how you feel.
Say your sorry even when you are mad because you NEVER know when it may be the last thing you do get to say.

I was able to give her a hug the last time I saw her, and I brought her a treat of homemade banana bread... and I got to say, " Love you and get well soon." And she is well as she is now with those long since passed over before her.

Just remember, that even though you and I may not see eye to eye -- that I do care and hope the best of everything for you.

And yes, I do realize in the past I have grouched about my ex-husbands - neither of which will I allow to cause me any more harm, but I do not wish harm on them. (They have enough of their own problems and cause enough of their own harm to themselves. They don't need any assistance.)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Roscoe Is Home

I brought him home today. And he's showing that he's a fast learner. I have already discovered that he wants to scent mark the house. Not a good idea for him, so I am keeping him close at hand and when I cannot do that I have his own "room" set up for him to lay down in when I am busy with things he cannot be a part of. We are going to fix up a small run for him next week that I can put him outside for short times and not worry about him. The Cats in residence are NOT impressed -- but they will get used to him in short enough time.

I will not be blogging this weekend, and will start again on Monday -- with pictures of our upcoming adventure for the weekend.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You would think

That one raccoon would be more than this household can tolerate. However, something was amiss this evening. I could hear things in the bathroom -- and when I went to investigate I was not so delighted to find one has managed to get into my bathroom. We have a hole under the tub -- one that I assure you when I FIND it is going to be nailed shut with a few choice boards! Now, then we have a trap set with a nice chunk of deli beef just so that that rascal has to get into the trap and pull on that meat to get it loose.

Pictures will follow soon.... darn it.

And I will post Monday's pictures of our new addition that will come home on Thursday. Roscoe will make a delightful addition!

Many blessings ... sleepy time here.

Time flies....

Check this out......
Time Flies.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weekend Dog Blogging # 59

What does this lil monster have to do with WDB'ing?
Read on to find out!

When I arrived home from work on Thursday morning I was greeted to this raccoon you see in the trap. He hissed. He growled. He lunged at anyone that approached the trap. My 11 yo son had set the trap in hopes to catch a white feral tom that has taken up residence on the property. Instead he found himself face to face with what has to be the meanest creature in the area. Since I have young chilren -- boys -- that go where angels fear to tread I could not exactly let this animal remain in residence nearby. Simply put - He had to go.

I called animal control when they opened up at 8 am. At around 9:45 am the AC officer called me for directions. As we are curious people I wanted to see how he was going to wrangle that raccoon from the trap to his truck. I set Logan down in a safe place where he could observe too. The AC officer loaded the raccoon into a special cage on the back of his truck -- but also on the truck was an adorable brown mutt that had strayed from home. So, the seed was planted. And I could not stop thinking about that dog. I knew if he was not claimed by owners that he could very well find a new home. And I liked him.

Friday morning rolls around -- and I am off to go to the shelter. When I arrive at the shelter where the brown dog was taken I learned that his family had called to claim him. I was grateful he had a family that wanted him but sad too. I liked that little rascal. So we looked at all the other dogs they had there.

Did I mention that a kennel full of dogs can be deafening??

Anyway -- there were several I did like. But they just didnt feel "right"..... so, since we have several shelters in our area I opted to go to my next favorite shelter. All the way on the other side of town.

We arrived at the other shelter and I immediately made my way to the dog kennel. We were met with dogs galore. Each in their own cage. They were all large dogs in the first 8 to 12 cages and there were two staff persons cleaning the individual cages out. As I reached the end of the kennel center isle I came across the face you see in the next photo. 17 pounds of wire haired terrier -- and the only one in the place that was not barking. I asked to see him in the adoption room.... to be continued below the picture......

Meet Roscoe!

Before we left on Friday I filled out the neccessary papers to adopt this adorable little dog. He's great with Logan -- whom he will spend the most time with and he's got a wonderful nature. I went to go see him today and show him to my older boys. Everyone loves him. I learned on Friday that he had been dumped outside the shelter fence a few weeks ago. And he's about 8 months old. He will get to come home on Thursday -- and yes, I am counting down the hours!

And yes, unlike the little brown dog with no collar or tag that strayed from home and was luckily claimed by his family, I already have a collar and a tag with Roscoe's name and new home and phone number on it. Dogs will wander if allowed to and since he's going to be new to our home -- just in case -- since I do have children that seem to have dragon tails and do not close doors... I knew that spending the little extra on a tag would be well worth my while. I hope to have better pictures on Monday of our new addition.

Weekend Dog Blogging is hosted by Sweet Nick's. Please visit her for this weekends round up of adorable doggy stories!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday..... whatevah...

Okay, so today and yesterday morning have been very interesting. When I arrived home from work yesterday I was informed we had trapped a raccoon! Now, as I had not set the trap I was surprised. I later learned that my 11 yo had indeed set the trap to see if we could catch a stray white tom cat. I was not about to release the raccoon since he'd learned that we were a food source of sorts. I have cats -- they eat outside -- raccoons will steal the food from the cats. And if I got anywhere near the cage the raccoon of course got very upset and would lunge at me. No way was I going to open that cage and risk getting bit or clawed by that little demon. Nor did I want something that aggressive living on the property since I have a 2 yr old that fears just about nothing. I called animal control.

After waiting for an hour and a half the officer from AC called. Now as we like to observe things I knew that him getting this nasty creature out was not going to be easy or fun. However, it was interesting. Logan of course had to watch too -- so I set him up where he would not be in the way at all. The officer was not going to let that lil demon get away. After he wrangled the creature into a cage on the truck I noticed he had an adorable dog in another part of the truck -- kind of an open cage in the back of the truck -- a stray with a home I was later to find out.

I went to the shelter today and found many dogs that I liked but they were not "just right". So, off to the no kill humane society on the other side of town. And as of Thursday next week I will be the happy owner of a beautiful wire haired terrier mix named Roscoe!

I will post pictures as soon as I have him!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Delays delays....

I had seen these pretty cakes shaped as pumpkins in magazines over the past few months. Both Country Living magazine and then Family Circle featured different versions of a cake to represent the fall harvest of these wonderful pumpkins. I opted to make the Family circle version and you can see the results below! I have been trying for three days -- Since Halloween to upload these pictures and either life or blogger has had its own ideas.