Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The "To Do" and the "Done"

Nothing is ever complete. That's one thing I can count on.... I have a sink full of dishes that need washed, a laundry room with sorted piles that need washed, and a never ending list of things I can get done. And never enough time or energy!

Cleaned in the bedroom - which included de-cluttering, sorting and folding laundry (forever known as Mt.Washed Already!) and generally picking up and putting away stuff. I washed several loads of laundry and then the boys got to sort it and fold and put away all the clean towels. I put my stuff and kinder kids stuff away. And left a neat stack for Sean to do with his stuff.

I cleaned the back porch - which meant taking everything off of it and sweeping it thoroughly. Then washed the shelves and all the planters that were out there. Collected all the trash. Cleaned out the fridge (which needs more work, but the old stuff is out.) And generally picked up and put away things throughout the day too.

That's the extent of the "Done" list.

My "To Do" list is as follows:
1. Clean my bedroom - compile a list of movies, and declutter more spots.

2. Clean out the book closet.

3. Clean out the clothing closet.

4. Critter corral (will do this with assistance from 14yo later this week)

5. Do work on the yard - clean up trash, bag it, mow n weed whack. Why is it when you live on a major road that people think yards are their personal trash bins??? grrrrr....

6. Figure out what to do with my MIL's stuff. She passed over a year ago and this stuff needs a new home. Which means working with Sean to figure out how and where to store it.

7. Toys..... that is a work in progress too. And to be done with school IN session.


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