Saturday, July 08, 2006

A new day..... (Day 2)

LeChat Baby!

Yesterday was a day of recovery. I started my morning routine and managed to fully accomplish everything on the list. Today -- even though for some reason it took me much longer to get my morning routine done it has been fully accomplished.

I didn't write in my journal last nite -- but I will have it with me tonite at work and I should have time to do some entries into it.

The photo shown is of LeChat. My eldest son took it and I love it. LeChat is very special. She came to me when she was extremely ill. Her sibling did not survive, and she barely did. Medicines, feedings and a ton of TLC make the kitty she is today -- spoiled and loveable!

I enjoyed some coffee with my neighbor this afternoon. He was tickled getting to watch my silly little boy eat like a goat. The little one pulled leaves off the trees and then dropped them on the ground. He proceeded to eat the leaves off the ground as if he was a goat picking them up with his lips and pretending to chew them up.

I have managed to accomplish some extra tasks outside of taking care of my morning routine -- I have throughly cleaned the shelf in the kitchen and cleared and cleaned the table and chairs. The little bathroom is throughly cleaned as well. And I am tired. I have a scrub set ready for work tonite, and hope to wash some clothing tomorrow. I plan on doing three loads - 1 set of towels, 1 set of lights/whites, and one set of darks. I am avoiding jeans and blankets just yet. (But those need to be done and soon.... *sighs*)

I have been doing some reading too. I have a book about devotionals and its been a delight to read and ponder the stories shared there. I hope to share some of my thoughts about those devotionals soon.

Okay, I wanted to find quotes today and came across this site ... now generally it takes a while to find anything really good but this made me roll with laughter. My friend in Oklahoma could get a good tickle by this if I can get her to visit my blog... so I will send her an email and ask her to find the quote listed below.... please read on...

"He sees you when your sleeping,
He knows when your awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good...
Is Santa a stalker?" --- submitted by 3cheers4revenge @

Time to go clean out the car.... See ya tomorrow

Another quote just for fun......

ABCDEFG, gummy bears are after me, one is red, one is blue, the yellow one just stole my shoe, when i catch him i will sue, then i will get back to you!!! ~*~- lol -~*~
submitted by: _bebo-rox_ @


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