Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Day In the Life.. 3.30.06

A Colour Filled Morning

I enjoy drinking a cup of tea or coffee on my front steps in the mornings. I don't get to do it very often as I am usually distracted by little ones that want to be fed, bathed and dressed for the day. My children are early birds as a general rule.

Logan is learning sign language and today he added "fish" to his ever growing list of signs. He does what I do -- he will mimic both the sign and the word when I explain it to him. He loves the sign language and only recently took a strong interest in it. I am having to learn it too, in order to teach him. He is very intelligent and strong willed. Many might consider him "ADD" even at this age because he's very active. My husband calls him a "getsinta" well, because he gets into EVERYTHING! He steals my coffee (thus I keep only partial cups around when I do have it). I have taken to keep lidded cups of water since he will snag those as well. He's always going to be an intersting challenge to keep entertained since he's learning so fast.

Hello Smiliey!

Even getting his hair cut was a fun experience. My older boys let me cut thier hair but they get short cuts that I can do with clippers. Logan always wanted to join in, but since I wasnt really prepared to cut his yet I would pretend to do so much to his delight. Recently we decided to get his hair cut and I took him to a local beauty school. The gals there were all fascinated at how well he behaved while we were working on trimming his long locks.

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In the Life of.... 3/29/06

I am sooooo cheesey!

Can you tell he likes his picture taken. Every time I have the new camera out is a photo opportunity! I have to hide it sometimes too. I am still learning about how it works and look forward to Weekend Herb and Cat Blogging.

I am going to start showing you my little projects that I do get to do as time goes by. I spend way too much time here at the computer some days usually out of frustration but I am trying to FLY (finally-loving-yourself) and make my home a better place. I will start featuring my most favorite things about my home-- my variety of indoor plants.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A day in the life of.........

This is what happens when they get still.

Yes, he fell asleep sitting up and fell over forward. Kids!

The great escape!

She just climbs thru the fencing to get to the hay bale on the other side.

Monday, March 27, 2006

A few weekend highlights......

To go out or not? That is the question.

Spooks can never decide how badly she really wants to go out. And then when she does get out of the house she's usually back in rather quickly thru a hole in the tub sub-floor in the master bathroom.

Over at Garlic Breath we have a lovely Chocolate Mint cookie recipe that I wrote down in hopes to one day make them because they sound absolutely divine!

FarmGirl has plenty to share on her daily happenings on the farm. Today is Joe's birthday so scoot over there and wish him a happy day and check out the rest of the blog too. FarmGirl also has InMyKitchenGarden where you can find the best time to plant hardy onion plants that really do not mind the wintery blasts we have left to endure before the rest of spring really sets in!

Clare at Eatstuff has been feeling under the weather with the flu but has kept up with duties of Weekend Cat Blogging and featuring our favorite feline friends! S'cat over there and say a hello, wish her well and check out other felines doing those fun feline things!

Kalyn's Kitchen has the weekly round-up of herbs and other things that grow. She asked me to keep her up to date on how I use my Salad Burnett and Stevia as the season progresses... those herbs have a bunch of growing to do. Salad burnett is best used fresh from the plant, and Stevia can be used to sweeten teas and such even after it's dried. I have bunches to learn myself.

Today's Weather outlook for my area -- Highs in the 60's and a chance of rain or drizzle.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging # 25

Image hosting by Photobucket
Salad Burnett and Stevia

It's time again for weekend herb blogging. Here I have some salad burnett and stevia. These additions will go in with the strawberries in a few days. Salad burnett is an herb that does not take to being heated. It will lose its flavor. The flavor is tangy cucumber and they are noted for being very high in vitamin c. Stevia is a sweetener. You can use it in with your herb tea blends as such.

Kalyn over at Kalyn's Kitchen is our host for weekend herb blogging. Please visit her blog to see this weeks fascinating herbs from around the world. You can also submit your favorite plants and other things green that grow! Or maybe even your favorite produce with a recipe for its use to share!

Have a great week everyone!

Weekend Cat Blogging # 42

Image hosting by Photobucket
Coral stretching out on a box.

It's time for WCB and Kiri and Clare are our hosts at Eatstuff!Please go by the site and check out all the kitties and food bloggin' fans there. Leave a permalink for Clare to share your kitty cat friends too!

Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging # 41

Even kid toys make a nice resting spot.

It's time for WCB-ing where Kiri and his favorite human Clare at Eatstuff show off all the kitty cats and their food blogging friends. Go see others enjoying everyday life and leave a permalink of your kitty cat friends! LeChat enjoyed a nap in the kidlets little wagon for part of the afternoon. My husband showed me her and I just had to get a shot.

Have a great weekend! Check back later to see WHB hosted by Kalyn.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

3/16/06 Daily Photo

Valentine at a month old.

Little Valentine is growing fast. She has easily tripled her birth weight and is a bouncy happy goat. She loves for me to come into the goat pasture and scratch her body from tip of her little horns all the way to her tail. She will stand as I scrub her firmly with my nails head hanging down nearly falling over. You can see her little mouth curl with divine pleasure too. My little trips in seem to keep her from wanting to climb thru the fence too in her attempt to get rid of the itchy spots on her body.

Have a great day everyone.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging # 23

Covered Strawberry Bed

Strawberries are not exactly one of my favorite foods. The kids however love them and being as I had the room I decided to see if I could raise these sweet little fruits. I opted into getting 18 plants and honestly expect to loose a few to the elements. Strawberry plants as a rule need two years to mature. Year one you will get some fruits off of them, but generally year two is when they are better and then every year after that. I have had to cover my bed with something that the deer and cats cannot get into. The deer of course will eat anything not nailed down and not native to the area, and then there is the cats...

For a yummy non-diet food you can try this little trick:
Strawberry Short Cake -- Cake version
1 white cake mix made according to
package directions in two (8 inch)pans
1 large container strawberries
16 ounce container non-dairy whipped cream

Hull the strawberries and slice up into small pieces. Add sugar to taste and allow to make their own syrup. Layer 1 (8in) cake on a serving platter, cover with half the sliced strawberries. Layer the 2nd cake on top and cover with remaining strawberries. Carefully cover the entire cake with the whipped cream and chill for several hours. Slice and serve as you usually would a cake.

Below is the plants in the containers I got them in from the nursery in Boerne Texas. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Let me know how the pictures are turning out now on my new digital camera.

Weekend Cat Blogging # 40

Alya and LeChat having a little talk.

It's time for WCBlogging. Kiri and Clare over at Eatstuff are our Hosts. Please sa-shay over there to see all this weeks additions. Clare usually has neat new additions and many of us regulars showing off our favorite feline friends.

I have been out of the loop for about three weeks now and this is my first uploaded picture from my new Kodak 340C digital camera. First week - I had a guest show up on Friday, second week I went to visit said friend where she lived. Third week -- I got a nasty set of viruses on my computer that nabbed crucial files out of MSIE -- the only program affected. I am back now and learning my camera in leaps and bounds. Ayla and LeChat had a talk about how this new camera was working.

Glad to be back! Many blessings everyone!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Last Sony Camcorder shot......

Kid's play tents

Well, wish me luck everyone! I have my Kodak 340C and am learning all the ins and outs of it. I hope to have it sending pictures to my computer in no time!

After a week of no computer I have found I do miss it, however, I am seriously thinking of not installing the yahoo messenger currently being offered. I don't lke it and my computer really doesn't either. I have missed three weeks of cat blogging at Kiri's and weekend herb blogging at Kalyn's. Those have been definitely missed. It's easy enough to catch up at Farm Girl's blog, and I have some new things for both Kalyn and Clare as soon as I get my camera's software installed.

Missed everyone!! And am glad to be back!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A New Camera On the Way!

I have a new Kodak camera on the way -- the purchase is that of a "combined" package. I purchased a printer especially made for it. I am excited about recieving it and will be playing with it this coming weekend I HOPE! It's due to arrive on Friday -- most likely in the afternoon. UPS usually runs late here.

My pictures should hopefully be clearer to everyone whom visits my weblog! I can hardly wait!

Cats are too funny! Spooks fell off the couch in an attempt to get off the floor where I was cleaning -- she made it look intentional by laying down and cleaning her leg after she landed.

Have a great day.