Monday, July 10, 2006

Some more progress!

Shhhhhh... I am sleeping

Okay, Sunday my ISP burped hard and I was not able to get online so I was unable to do an update. Bad ISP- no bits or bytes for you! LOL And yes, the computer is back up and running with an additional 256K of Ram installed along with the best antivirus program available on lend from a buddy. Last week it simply decided it could no longer handle all the stuff I had installed on it.

Logan gave up on his day, and I wish I could do this more! LOL Though sleeping in such a position would twist muscles rather painfully. This is a picture from a few months ago -- so you probably have seen it before but I don't have anything newer to post yet as I have uploaded it to the computer but have not sized it for web- use. Please bear with me.

Have any of you worked on a Sudoku puzzle? Those blasted things are addictive! I have done three in the last week and have even drawn up blanks and filled in the original puzzles and done them again! And of course my day would not be complete without finding and copying down a new puzzle from

Another quote from Firehotquotes-

we get into the biggest fights with the ones that we care for... because those are ones that you're willing to fight for!
submitted by: CrAzYSaRaH16549

*even if its possible we are wrong.*(my personal addition -those who need to know will.)

Okay, I spent the day with my hunny after working last nite so I did my morning routine in my mind on the way to SA for an ortho appt. Yes, those chores still did get done, just not by me. Tomorrow is a new day and I will get my morning routine done and hopefully a whole bunch more. I have the next three days off and desperately need them.


Blogger Becca said...

Howdy there!!

I LOVE doing Suduko puzzles. I have started keeping them in my purse in order to have something with me at all times that I can do if I'm ever in a waiting type situation. They are just so fun and addictive.

Sounds like you're getting a good start on your routines. I need to do the same! Adam has actually been helping out a lot lately since I'm gone more.

Anyway, glad you're back to posting...and I'm trying to do the same.


Mon Jul 10, 09:06:00 PM  

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