Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Am Telling!

We all, at one point and time, during our lives get those phone calls that are just plain nasty. A person on the other end thinking they are funny, cute and really are just plain rude.
My mother got one of these kind of callers and she tried everything to get this nasty person to stop calling - whistles, hanging up, you name it she tried it. The last time this person called she came up with an idea - and that resolved the calls completely.

*phone rings*
Mother answers,"hello."
Nasty person breathes heavy and makes some nasty comment........
Mother, whom has definitely had enough, says,
"If you don't stop calling I am going to tell God on you!"
Mother hears *CLICK*!
Phone calls completely stopped.

Mother commented to me that it was the first time a prank caller had hung up on her!


Many blessings, and remember to "Tell God on them (problems)!"
Mom to Calvin, Caleb, TJ, Stephen and Logan.
Adopted Mom to Candace, Ian and Joseph.
Long Distance mom to Britney


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