Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ages Ago...

I used to actually try to post every few days. Recently I have not been so keen on posting. I am going to try to start posting again. But no promises. I got my schedule for the next two weeks and its not very pretty. I like getting hours but this is crazy! I did have to ask for a specific day off so I can take CPR training. I am sure the client way to my west will be thrilled. I, however, am not.

By the way what is 145 minus 12? 133 is it? That is how many hours I will be putting in over the next two weeks. The company I work for has grown by leaps and bounds! 1 yr ago at this time I was getting oh, maybe 100 hours every two weeks which was keen. Now, because we don't really have the staff to support the hours we are getting, I am getting more hours away from home then I am getting at home. I will keep you posted! (maybe, sometimes sleep becomes priority)

What has happened since before Christmas -- well we all know what a holiday crunch Christmas can be. So that is kind of self explanatory. Since Christmas I have gone and rescued my 16 yr old son from what sounds like pure hell. Not surprising really since I knew what he was getting into when he wanted to go live with his dad. Now, I know full good and well that Mr.Dramatic (I.E. My 16 yr old son) is like, some of it sounds completely fish story and much of it I know is not. I had to deal with the ex for a good 8 yrs -- he's truly not changed very much. And the step-mom the boy had to deal with -- my limited experiences with her leave a great deal to be desired. That covers week 1 of January. Since then we have been puttering along surviving the new addition back into the home, working like crazy, and being sick. I hate cedar season by the way. I suppose a week's worth of headache (literally) is better than say, pneumonia or bronchitis. Which is what I have dealt with in the past.

So, back on track, ready to blog again -- and bringing you more fun from the house of all boys! (Yes, I am now out-numbered 6 to 1. What was I thinking?! 36yr old, 16 yr old, 14 yr old, 12 yr old, 5 yr old, and 2 yr old -- all male!)

Many Blessings Everyone!