Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another new start?! Could it be?

Okay, I have tried for a month of Sundays to think of some way to get all the things done that I need to, work at a very demanding job (putting ina great deal of hours though the work itself I enjoy so its more of a hobby am getting paid for??) I am a companion/caregiver and honestly I love it. If I didn't I can say right now that I wouldnt be continuing to do it.
At any rate -- if you still visit and you are still interested we have had a great deal happening since Xannon died and we have a whole new crew of fresh kitten faces to show off in time, decisions made -- for better and worse and happenings going on all around. Stay tuned as I am going to try to get a solid routine in place -- it can happen in "baby steps", just look up to see what I mean. And I think I am going to start with a ittybitty morning routine. So without further ado I will try to post around the same time each day -- and if I cannot I should hopefully know the day before. I work nites and I have an outdoor routine I want to accomplish in the mornings before the heat of the day sets in. So wish me luck and please post your comments.

My challenges that we have had since May 1, 2006. We had a major storm blow thru and it blew out my washing machine. I have priced new ones but its been an interesting time to get a new one -- so I have a little washer thats a hand crank called a "wonder wash" from it does a good job. and I have been handwashing everything til i can afford a new washer. we are saving up for a nice one -- maytag with a great warrenty. I had started repairing the washer in question and my 15 yo son blew up the new parts before we could finish repairing the machine. Next thing is I made some choices that really upset my best friend and she's extremely disappointed that I cannot make it to her wedding. And there are a few other challenges that have been thrown my way that I hope in time will be resolved soon.

Send me a line if you drop by! I would love to hear what you have to say!


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