Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello Hello...

You would think that some people would get a frigging clue.

I am a working parent -- and I take proper care of my children. However, yesterday someone thought that I deserved to be turned in to local authorities.

Now, then... I have a question. You know a mom with 4 kids -- ages 12, 11, 4 and almost 2. You see the mom at the school to pick up one of her kids -- no other children in the car. Then KNOWING she's not at home you stop and knock on her door. Little 4 yo answers the door (we are working on this one... grrrr).... "No, mommy went to get ** (11 yo). She will be right back." Now, then would you investigate further or just call authorities? Me? I would want to investigate further -- giving them the benefit of the doubt especially since given that there were other older children living in the home.

Well, this person didn't investigate further and called...... Now, had she investigated further into this BEFORE calling she would have found a few things... 1st being that the 12 yo was ALREADY home -- since he'd been kept home due to having tossed cookies during the nite. And that the baby was sleeping. So NO! I didn't leave my younger children unattended. Big brother was home -- in his room playing a game knowing EXACTLY where I was because I TOLD him BEFORE I left.

Now am in the midst of teaching my 4 yo to go get Mommy, Daddy, or Big Brother (12 or 11 yo -- whom ever is home) when someone knocks at the door. I am IRATE over the simple stupidity of this because I know who turned me in -- even though its been throughly denied, because as a parent and adult I would investigate further before calling authorities. And I think too that if you are going to call and turn someone in at least have the guts to be honest about it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Meet "Valentine"

This adorable baby Boer Doe was born this morning at 9am CST. Her momma is a sweet natured 18 month old doe that my neighbor purchased last year. I encouraged my neighbor to "imprint" on the baby since I know he plans on keeping her. She has responded to it very well and will allow anyone to approach her and touch her as a result.

Have a great evening everyone! I am off to work!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging # 19

African Violet Blue -- Parent and baby.

It's time for Weekend Herb Blogging and Kalyn is our host at Her Kitchen. She does an awesome job doing a round up of those who submit their herbs and recipes. I have not had the opportunity to sumbit herbs as its been wintery here. However, I have been submitting my favorite "houseplants". She has been gracious in that she accepts all things green that grow! Please visit her site and tell her about your favorite plant or say "Thank you!".

I decided it was time to divide these African Violets. There are two large plants in the one white planter. Since the "lion" planter was empty I thought I would give it a go and split the two plants.

Parent and baby seperated

Here I have seperated them, and replanted the "parent" plant back into the white planter. In the "lion" planter I crushed up 4 egg shells and placed those in the bottom. I will have to be mindful of how much I water the baby plant as there are no holes in the bottom of the planter. I will let you know progress on these plants as time goes on. I will feature them about once a month.

Both AF replanted.

Here you see both of them planted and ready to go back inside the house.

I have decided to start my garden around April 1. At that time I will post the "new plot" and show progress as we get the fence in place and build the planters. I will be starting onions this week in a large tot pool. I found out from my MIL that now is the time to start them.

Have a great week!
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging # 36

Boots wondering what's up?

Boot's had been simply cleaning himself when a very noisy truck rumbled past. He looked up and I was able to nab a picture of him. I love this pose -- its fun to watch them get into all kinds of positions when they bathe themselves.

It's that time again. Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted by Kiri and Clare at Eatstuff . Visit them to learn about fun kitties from around the world and maybe even find some good recipes. Eatstuff with Clare and Kiri are normally our hosts for WCB -- and they do an awesome job!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging # 35 and WHB # 18

Weekend Cat Blogging and Weekend Herb Blogging are featured together due to my son and husband not feeling well. Little Logan has been punky since early Friday afternoon and my loving mate woke up feeling punky on Saturday. Keep them in thoughts and prayers to get well. Thank you. -- Heather
Ms.Attention HOUND! Spooks

It's time for weekend Cat Blogging. Visit Kiri and Clare to see more WCBlogging fun! You will see plenty of pretty cats and many yummy recipes too! If you would like to join into the fun of Blogging about your favorite feline -- post to your blog and send in the permalink to Kiri. Am sure he will pass on the message to Clare. He really looks so debonair!

She raced me to the chair! I kid you not! She loves to be in my lap while I cruise the net looking for things to make. She simply curls up, purring resoundingly and gets mighty upset when her "perch" has to get up and move. I get "reprimanded" often -- she will bound on her hind legs out from under furniture and bat at my upper thighs and hands as I pass through the living room to the kitchen -- or from the kitchen to the computer room.

Baby Looking Glass Begonia

It's also time for Weekend Herb Blogging # 18! Kalyn's Kitchen is our weekend Herb hostess. Visit her blog to find out about many interesting edible herbs -- both in season and out. Soon, it will be time for spring planting -- and many new things will be "springing up" at a Blogspot near YOU!

Here I am showing off my "impromptu" cutting of my looking glass begonia. I found the branch broken off my main plant after I had already "butchered it back". The kids or a cat had knocked some magazines off the desk --- above where I had placed the plant.

The branch lost all of its leaves and I thought it was dead until I pulled it out of the water container I had plopped it in with some other cuttings. All those you see are brand new ones, actually 7 in all -- though you can only see the 4 largest ones. The leaves are about the size of my thumb - so they are not very big yet.

And it doesnt seem to have any roots either. So, am trying something. I purchased the container at a dollar store -- placed a gallon freezer storage baggie in it -- filled it with potting soil and water. Plenty of water to make kind of a slurry. And placed the "branch" on its side and half way down into the slurried soil. It was outside only long enough to take the picture you see here. Most of the other cuttings I had taken off the parent plant now have roots and are doing fine in a container on my computer desk. Not sure why this one doesnt have any roots. Wish me luck in my attempt to get another plant going!

Many blessings Everyone! Smile and have a wonderful weekend.