Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thank you for..................

Thank You For Not SMOKING!
Cigarette smoke is the residue of your pleasure.
It contaminates my lungs and pollutes my hair and clothes.


My pleasure is having a drink now and then.
The residue of my pleasure is urine.
Would you be annoyed if I stood on a chair
and pissed on your hair and clothes
without your consent??

Saturday, August 26, 2006


This weekends WEEKEND Cat Blogging is going to be hosted by Boo and Crew over at Masak Masak. I will update more later in the day! Right now I am busier than a one legged man in a buttkicking contest! Hope to see you then!!

Thank you Boo for graciously hosting!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wow What fun!

I have had a wonderful weekend doing the Weekend Cat Blogging!! It's kept me busy at the computer for short bursts while I updated (and will continue to update as I recieve and can update) to show off everyone's submissions!

I want to say a HUGE Thank you to everyone who submitted their special feline friends. That's what makes this kind of blogging event so much fun! I hope that we get to continue doing WCB and am talking with another blogger if Clare opts out of WCB hostess duties. So, Clare if you are reading this -- we are not trying to take over YOUR special Blogging activity -- on the contrary we are working to keep it alive! Do respond soon so we know what actions to take -- either returning it full force back over to you or continue hosting until you are ready to blog again. We sure do miss you!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me! My kidlets -- ages 12, 11, and 5 start to school. The older boys start back and the 5 yo. is all excited about kindergarten. His first comment to me today was, "Mommy, do you KNOW WHAT TOMORROW IS?!" LOL I cannot tell you how many times since Thursday we have covered the amount of days til school starts!

Back to your regularly scheduled program! Thank you again for visiting!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #62

I have opted to host this weeks Week-end Cat Blogging. I love my kitties and have had a rough week of it by having to remove several feral animals from my property. On a good note -- by the end of next week I will have all my tame loveable babies altered and vaccinated. Earlier this year, someone shot and killed several of my pet kitties -- so in response I have made sure that the kittens we have opted to keep that were born to dumped/feral/stray females are all vaccinated and unable to continue having more kittens.

And Pause (well you have to pause to look at those paws!)
A little more information about this special baby --
As you can see she's an orange tabby --
supposedly they are only supposed to be boys... not girls.
And she has 7 toes on one front foot and 6 1/2 toes on the other.
The half is a knuckle without the nail.
When she curls her feet up like you see in the picture
she appears to be giving you two thumbs up! LOL

Carmel - we all know and love - is now spayed --
and have learned she's a rare "golden calico".

Post your permalinks in the comments section and I will tag you on Sunday afternoon in this post! To email me --- Be sure that you have my WCB permalink in your post so that others can find the rest of the WCB friends and finds! Thanks everyone for participating -- and I will gladly continue to host Weekend Cat Blogging until Clare returns to her normally scheduled blogging or asks another to be our host for this fun Weekend activity!

In case you were wondering -- I live on a very busy Farm Road in Texas -- and its country folks. Behind me is a hay field, next door is a small (6 goats) farm with a chicken pen, on the other side and just down the street -- sheep. In the other direction I know there are cows, horses, and pigs. So, we have a mixture of just about everything. The community school is just 2 blocks away. It's a prime dumping area.

Here are this weeks WCB'ing submissions! Enjoy.

Di from Di's Kitchen and Penny show off some acrobatic twists.

Sarah and Tiggey have a video of playing around in the cupboard. I do believe I can hear him purr too. LOL

FFM Ellen and kittens ask for help in naming the game these little fur balls play in the tub. Scamper over and check it out.

S'kat and the food give us the lowdown on sunshine... nothing better than a sunny window. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty kitty.

Farm Girl Susan requests you stop by and check out the Big Cat Sanctuary and maybe even give a donation to keep this sanctuary up and running long enough for them to find homes for these beautiful animals. Susan also caught Patchy Cat doing something healthy! Can you do that? I know I can not!

Cin and Bella play in a bag for some furry fun.

D and Boots where searching for Tess! Where could she have gone? Find out soon.

Whaleshaman at Jellypizza gives us some insite to Taboo the winner of the Survivor Cat's Abode. That's one lucky kitty!

Cate at Sweetnicks let's us know how grateful she is for Fridays and shares a picture of Luke - her sweet tabby cat.

Willowtree at Once upon a Blog gives us insite to just how precarious a situation our feline friends can get themselves into. Tigger - the adventurer and one wild tree climbing feat!

Anne and Glinda - the kitten in a big kitty suit -- help support FarmGirl Susan in rounding up and requesting donations for a Big Cat Sanctuary.

Jasper and crew have a few things to show off.. A real live cat that loves the vaccuum! Honest vacuum power going on.

Upsie the cat and her Aunt Roxie enjoy a visit together. Though Upsie is not too impressed with her new duds.

Bonnie and Victor -- two tabby's had someone raid the cupboard -- is Bonnie guilty or innocent! You decide.

Jelly and her new found feline friend Mattie are making special arrangments! Yet, there is confusion -- maybe you can give some helpful suggestions. LOL

Aria and Max show off some "scrunch-ups" as only a cat can!

Rosa at Yummy-Yums shares a delightful pose of Fridolin waiting for someone to exit the bathroom. I do hope that the people pets in the house don't get tripped up... check it out.

The Paw Path Cat Blog invites us to read about Buddy -- a very special cat that left paw prints all over a community before going to heaven.

Rosie and Cheeto give welcome to a new feline friend, Silent Sally.

Riana disturbs her kitty's nap who thought nothing of snoozing on the guest bed whilst Riana was cleaning the room.

Tina and Sinda are a little persnickety about picture taking, all with style and grace.

Skeezix the Cat has a cute video for you to get some giggles. Go visit and see!

House of the (mostly) Black Cats had a birthday celebration! Go find out who and what had a purrrrfectly fun day!

Lisa at Champaingn-Taste lets us know that not all kitties are complete carnivores when Louis has a go at some fresh peaches. Yum! I love peaches, too.

BNA at PB and Purple Onions had intended to show off a pan of PURRRTY blueberries and caught something else in the camera eye too! Who'd it be? None other than Widget! But are you sure?

CatSynth and Luna join us as a late minute entry on Sunday -- you get to see Luna in an action pose! Enjoy!

More entries! These posted late Sunday after I went to work, and today -- Monday. Even the later entries have some fun loving kitties! Way cool- katches!

Boolicious catches the stray kitty meowing at her door to be fed. What a pretty face.

Romona and Mao give us a glimpse of some beautiful Gladiolas. I wonder if Mao supervised the arranging?

Lisa at Resturant Widow has some beautiful babies up for the asking! Check em out a her blog.

Okay, I will keep adding to this post as new submissions occur even after Sunday evening! Please keep up the great work everyone! I am really enjoying doing this WCB edition! Keep them coming in folks!

Today was ......

A very long day!

Okay, there are limits to what anyone can stand. And today I reached my limit.

Yesterday I delivered several of the kittens we had to a local shelter. Simply put - I can not take care of all these little kitties. And I have had to put my foot down, acquire a live trap and do something about the ferals I have on the property. Today, I was able to remove 2 adult females and three very unhappy kittens from our property.

In all I made 3 trips today, and one yesterday to the shelter. If I don't do something about the situation I will be overrun with kittens forever. I hope you animal lovers out there understand -- I am only one and I do have a family to take care of too.

I have tried to find homes for the kittens and have been unable to do so. I put up signs and get no calls -- but I talk to others with kittens and they all find homes for them. I have no idea what I am doing wrong -- but finding homes for these little bundles is just not my forte. So, I am also putting to an end the strays that other people have dumped on my property. The strays will be live-trapped and taken to the shelter.

I do take care of "my animals" -- most of my girls are spayed, all my boys are nuetered. They all have thier shots. I have two girls left to get spayed and its a done deal. The two girls are 4 months old and the kittens we have opted to keep.

There are two ferals left here that I know of -- one black and white male and one calico -- once they are trapped they will be taken to the shelter. I realize that as long as I have cats my property will attract new strays -- and the live trap is on loan as long as I need it. (And they know where they can find it if they need it -- and all they have to do is ask.)

If you have animals -- dogs and cats I implore you to get them altered. There are MILLIONS of animals -- strays and ferals that do not have "homes" to speak of -- and cats after they reach a certain age are not "tame-able". Do take your animals to shelters istead of dumping them on someone else's door step when you don't want them, or cannot keep them. It's not fair to the family or the pet when you leave them at someones doorstep. I heard rumor that the U.S. has some 7 million stray/feral cats nation wide -- and on A.P.'s Barking Mad the U.K. has some 8 million cats. Peeps.. that's a lot of cats!

In short -- be responsible pet owners -- get those furry babies altered and vaccinated. No one else can do that but you.

Thanks for listening/reading.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I CAN ..................

Touch my toes! I have been working out for 4 days stretching and also walking. I did not get to walk this morning so will do so this evening. I have to wait for it get dusky and cooler.

Exercise can do mah-velous things! I don't weigh myself as I am not doing this to loose weight. I am doing this to become more fit. My butt droops, my back hurts (less), and I am stiff as a board (or used to be). I don't want to end up stiff and sore and with a broken joint/hip or other bone because I am not flexible. I work with the elderly -- and well -- they don't move enough. They are not encouraged to get out and do -- because they get tired easily. Come to think of it so do I....


OH! I am awake! Anyway -- exercise folks! Even if its just a few minutes to start. Slow and steady wins the race and BABY STEPPING folks.... it works!

Now for the legal stuff -- if you have not been exercising already, please do see a doctor for a check up. I am not going to be liable for encouraging you to do something if your body is REALLY NOT CAPABLE of exercising. Do this at your own risk.

Works for Me Wednesday

Click here to read Rocks in my Dryer


Being on time is important! And I know this is not possible ALL of the time -- but being on time to appointments, to work, and to other activities that have a "time frame", is important.

This has been a sore point in my work recently as other "caregivers" have not deemed themselves to be punctual. And it's really not that hard. You have to give yourself extra time to be ON TIME where you are going. It's easier to PLAN to leave sooner than what its actually going to take you to get where you need to be ON TIME. Always give yourself extra time.

Sitting an extra few minutes in the waiting area of an appointment isn't the end of the world. And likely may even make things go faster for your visit -- because needed paperwork and other things can be accomplished while you are waiting and then they -- whomever "they" are deemed to be, do NOT have to wait on you to fill out or do extra tasks during your appointment. They are done, completed and ready to go when you walk into the appointment.

Punctuality -- yes, I have been guilty of not "PLANNING" to leave a certain time so that I am early to where I need to be -- though rarely am I ever LATE! And I have been relieved from work LATE many times over the past few weeks.

Just to give you an idea of how it feels to be relieved late --
You have just done a 12 HOUR shift -- you are tired, hungry and have a plan for your trip home. Office policy states call before the top of the hour if relief doesn't show. Phone call made at 10 minutes til the hour.

The top of the hour comes and your relief is no where to be found. You still have to do a turn over because the client you were with was sick during the shift -- you can't leave without letting them know that the client needs special care because well, she flat doesnt feel good.

So, 15 more minutes goes by and still no relief caregiver.............. Now, you have to adjust trip home plans... You can't go to this shop because it will be closed. And gee, you sure were looking forward to it.

Now, its 30 minutes past the hour and relief isn't there. Meal plans change because now you wont have time to fix what you had originally planned and still serve your meal on time. Plus now you are frustrated and getting mad. I hate cooking when I feel that way. I just want to veg .. I don't smoke and rarely drink alcohol -- so TV or computer time comes in handy.

45 minutes has passed -- and there is the relief... still have to do turn over... clients needs are important.

Result -- ONE PERSON says, "OH, I didn't think it was that big a deal."... causing a cascade of events....

She was late relieving a person who had a set plan -- and now that plan is running late... causing her to be late, causing the relief caregiver to be late, causing the caregiver on duty to be late in things she needed and wanted to do!!!!! Count em folks -- 3 people who were LATE because 1 person thought it wasn't "important".

One person not being punctual can cause several others to be very very unhappy with her.

So, Plan to leave well before you need to be where you are going! It pays to be punctual.

Next week -- Exercise! With a lighter heart!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Exercise?! Walking added...

Opps I forgot to take my pulse while I was out to see if I got my target heart rate while doing exercise.

To figure your target heart rate:
220 - age = example mine is 220-36= 184

Now... take
184 X .60 = 158 (and some change)
184 X .40 = 110 (and some change)

In between those two numbers is what my "working" heart rate should be when I am out doing some sort of cardio vascular exercise.

Today I went on a 20 minute walk. And tomorrow when I go on my walk I will take pictures of some of the local "yard art". I have to walk in the mornings, as its gets just plain ROASTING HOT by mid afternoon here. We have been having 100+* weather here. That's farienheit folks -- and there is no place to cool off except in the house.

I did stretch out last night, however, since I was with the client and she took notion to "stretch" with me I am going to have to be more cautious as she is not as agile as she thinks she is. Speaking of which, I was not as agile myself. In fact I was quite stiff and clumsy. I stretched out carefully anyway. I was not able to reach my toes even after warming up some. But there will be off days -- and last night was definitely one of them.

In other news, we got a top load washer. And have decided that a top load is a better option for us over a front load.

Have a great afternoon everyone! I am off and stretching, cleaning and other daily chores!

Monday, August 14, 2006

That exercise challenge day 3

Okay, I was not able to post yesterday -- life once again. However, I was able to exercise (I consider chasing kids around exercise... ) and stretch the last few days. I still need to get some sort of cardio thing going. Without bringing up my heart rate this really isn't going to go far. However, my client got a laugh while I was stretching while she was watching TV. I played tug o war with the dog and she sat in her chair and laughed and laughed. Especially when she tossed a toy over my head and the dog went sailing of her own accord over me.

On another note, I was able to stretch out and get nicely warmed up and touch my toes ONCE! I have to be warmed up throughly to do this though. It feels wonderful to stretch out like that. My client told me she used to do flips. I told her I was never brave enough to do those! Not even off a diving board. Pain and I are NOT friends! LOL And that's another thing I like about Callan -- she says that the "no pain no gain" is a HUGE farce! And am soooo glad!

Which brings up another thing -- I did finish reading her book. And I really enjoyed it. I like that she states things need to be in triple slow motion -- slow and steady wins the race. That yo-ho dieting is bad bad bad.

There is a formula that when worked you find out your target working heart rate. Mine should be between 110 and 158 beats per minute for a good cardio workout for at least 20 minutes.

So, have you been stretching? Can you touch your toes? What can you tell me that will likely make me green with envy and give me something to strive for? I already want to be flexible... because, well, its more fun? LOL

Many blessings!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Exercise challenge...

And maybe a spelling challenge too.. or at least a typing challenge as I cannot seem to type correctly today -- you won't see it here -- but the backspace button is my friend. LOL

Okay, I have not finished reading my new book Callanetics Fit Forever. My goal right now is to finish the book and start the basic exercises. I don't have a full hour to do any sort of program so I am going to modify it to suit my lifestyle. My first goal is to stretch everyday until I can touch my toes and then beyond. Right now I am not able to reach my toes and have about 7 inches between my fingertips and toes wehn I try to reach them. I will let you know how much I have done each day -- and hopefully I will be able to post more about my progress than I have been able to in the past two days. Logan has been sick and clingy and I have had a sinus headache for two days now. Yuck.

Anyway, let me know what exercises you enjoy when you stop in to visit.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My favorite form of exercise.. and its not that bad!

Picture provided by

Okay, so exercise is not on everyone's favorite list of things to do. However, its been shown over and over again that we as a society simply do not move enough. And we are also what I will say are "garbage hounds". Yes, I am guilty of being a "garbage hound" too. So, harumph! Are we lazy? Some of us -- yeah, lazy is a good word for it. But I also think we are so stressed out too that by the time we THINK of exercising -- it makes our brains hurt! I know mine does at the thought of getting up and moving around after I have just spent the nite with a client who was up every 45 minutes whining. (Okay, not all the clients are this way -- but each does have his or her own personality... )

I just recieved Callanetics Fit Forever that I ordered from EBay for a whopping 6 dollars -- that included shipping. Not bad for a book valued new at $13.00 (at least the sticker says that -- seen it for more and less.. hrm.. )

Callan Pinckney has an honest and open approach to the exercises that she teaches in her books. This is only one of many I have learned about recently. I do have her 10 yrs younger in 10 weeks book too -- however, its currently MIA -- and I was curious to see her newer version of her books. So far I like what I have read. Her philosophy as listed in her introduction go as such:

Always work at your own pace.
Listen to your body. (*and am sure this does not include trips to the kitchen/pantry)
Never, ever force.
Relax your entire body.
Light and flowing as a feather. (**stop snorting! LOL)
Triple slow motion.
NEVER compare yourself with anyone else. (***hard to do sometimes.)
(*, ** & *** are my own added thoughts)

If you have any experience with doing callanetics at all, or have read any of Callan's books then you will understand clearly what she means in those above statements. In black and white -- am sure they can be construed to mean a half a dozen different things. And quite honestly, they are simple and truthful. And her exercises work!

(TIME for a personal challenge -- will post the challenge tomorrow and keep you up to date on how it goes. Hopefully, those of you who haunt my little blog will cheer me on by commenting?? please?? *smiles encouragingly*) Though my challenge for today/tonight is to stay awake well enough to read thru more of the book and take care of my client. My client is a great gal by the way -- in her 90's and knows how to push all the right buttons with friends, caregivers and family alike! LOL

"We've reduced our physical activity by nearly 75% since 1900." - Callanetics Fit Forever -- Introduction page XV. Para.2, Sent.2 Now, if we could only reduce the debt that much huh? But it makes sense if you consider it -- in the early 1900's we didn't have then what we have today. Foods were not as easily accessible. Nor was getting place to place as easy as jumping in a auto and tootling down the street. We had to work much harder physically for the foods we take for granted today. And sweets? I wonder just how much sugar we consume as a nation daily.... and don't even get me started on those artificial things they call sweeteners. (The word POISON should be on each and every individual package.)

I know we need to exercise more. And I know that whole natural foods -- even ones grown on depleted lands have more nutritional value than any "processed to something not even resembling its original shape" has to offer. (another tangent for another day.)

Have a great evening --- tomorrow is day one of the challenge. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


WFMW Banner will be here next Wednesday as I am out of time for now.

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer hosts Works for me Wednesday. I love doing WCB and WHB (when I am able to, so I thought Wed. could be another addition. I love the animals, plants and ideas shared.

Please visit Shannon for more ideas and fun!

My contribution is a yummy apple snack -- and as apples are going to be "in season" soon this is a delish way for you and the kids to enjoy!

Apple Triscuits and Cheese

Fresh whole apples
Triscuit type crackers
Sharp Cheddar cheese

First off -- purchase your very favorite apples for this. Granny smiths are good, and so are reds - the reds get softer with the cooking process.

Peel and slice your apples to fit on Triscuit type crackers. (I buy the Great Value brand and those work as well.) Shred your cheese or slice thinly, and place over the slices of apple. Now, you can either bake these at 350*F until they are melted or you can microwave them on high -- and depending on your microwave will depend on how long this will take. Newer microwaves are stronger -- so start with 15 second intervals and check the cheese after each session. Be mindful as they will be HOT!! when they come out of the oven or microwave. Serve warm!

My kids LOVE these snacks -- and though I am supposed to be on a dairy free regimen I will snack on these as well. They are addictive, so you are warned!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What's for dinner?

Okay, so I am bored and frustrated. My kids want hamburgers for dinner. TJ specifically asked for a homemade "Big Mac" (McDonalds kind of stuff.. yeah, okay. *sighs*).
I am going this evening and tomorrow to price and maybe put on layaway a washer. My parents have helped us out -- a BIG thankyou to them!! -- in the way of financing a new one since the other one had a lightening strike. We are also getting a quality surge protector for it so we don't do this again. Hopefully!!

I need to clean my house.. and am making slow progress. And at least it is progress. One small load of laundry done. And one corner of the living room done. Laundry ready to be put away.. and I need to go do that dinner thing soon.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Today marks.........

Mine and Sean's second anniversary!

We met at the library in March over 3 yrs ago. Stephen had just turned 2 and he's now 5. Wow -- time sure has flown. I was in the midst of a divorce from a very hard person whom stalked me and harassed me during our entire proceedings. I met Sean at the library and he was on his way to a martial arts class. I eventually joined the class to, due to my s-t-b-ex's behavior, both before meeting Sean and after meeting him.

It's been an intersting three years. When I met Sean my best friend, and my bil at the time, were living with me. I could not be alone and risk the chance that the ex try to weasel his way back into my life. I feared being alone. But that's another story.

Sean and I have a great relationship. We understand each other's needs, desires and wants. And it's hard to explain how we manage even in the midst of trials. We just do. I do not make unreasonable demands on him. He wants to go out and do "boy things" or do a job for someone he lets me know and unless its been a particularly stressful day I say, "okay, let me know when you are on your way home."

We dont have any special plans for today really. I have the nite off and we are supposed to go get a vehicle for Sean to repair over the next few days. I did call him and said, "Do you know what today is?" He immediately piped up and said," Happy Anniversary! I love you." I had to smile!

Well, gonna go lay down and rest while I can. After having the weekend I did I think I need it.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Work, sleep and MIA!

Hey everyone, I am pulling a hard weekend of shifts so I will not be able to post again until Monday sometime.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Personalized Butterfly!

Butterfly Window Cling

To give idea of size...

I love to craft and this is a hand made butterfly out of the demensional fabric paints. I plan on making more when I have some time off again. These are easy to make and a bunch of fun!
First you need to get some supplies together...
1. purchase an assortment of colors of the demensional paints. And one large black if you plan to do outlines.
2. wax paper
3. patterns -- those with the least amount of detail are actually the easiest and the best.
4. tape -- used sparingly.

Pick your pattern. Cover with a sheet of waxed paper. Tape wax paper to pattern sparingly. (more tape on wax paper than on pattern.) Then start "drawing" with the demensional paints onto the wax paper. Thicker is better, and carefully covering the entire surface to be colored is important. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Carefully peel the wax paper away from the dried demensional paint. If the wax paper sticks, and you have made certain the pattern is dry you can use warm water to break up the wax paper from the window cling. Apply cling to any smooth surface and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

YAY!! We are home!

My husband is back home and recovering from what is not a nice bug. We still don't have any idea what caused his system to go amuck.

He's resting now and I am off to bed soon.

Don't have much to blog about tonite. Tomorrow after I charge some batteries for my camera I will show off my crafy butterfly.

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's been a long 24 hours

Yesterday at this time (8pm CST) I was sitting on the side of the bed looking at a thermometer and none too pleased with what it had to tell me.

103*F. Now, that is a whopper of a fever for an adult.

I had already called and talked to the VA doctor on duty in the urgent care clinic and because of the amount of meds already taken he was saying that there should not be any more consumed. Not even to bring down this fever.

At 830PM I was loading a very unhappy chilled to the bone adult into my car. This is the same fella that insisted on going to work, regardless that he was feeling "off".

At the hospital we learned nothing about what was causing this "inability to control thermal regulation" (seriously, that is what the nurse typed in on the computer in the ward where he is currently staying.) After several dozen different things were gone over to figure out what was causing the fever, and results for a first CBC came back the doctor opted to admit my husband. CBC was even more confusing -- normal except for the "bands" as he called them. I later learned that "bands" are something like keytones (best description i can come up with) that indicate the body is fighting an infection. However, they could not localize the source of said infection.

We, nurse and I, did have a little fun at his expense as she had to record what personal belongings he had with him -- and my 2 yo's mink is a wonderful blanket to keep warm with -- so, she recorded his "blankie" was part of his personal effects. LOL (Its got "The Incredibles" on it!)

I left the hospital around 12:30 am in the morning. Exhausted, wired for sound, and generally concerned for my spouse. I didn't manage to get into bed until well after one am.

I made it back into the hospital about lunch time today. It's hard on the baby for me to be gone, and daddy to be gone too. Logan has repeatedly asked for dad. I know he's missing daddy dreadfully, however, they wont allow Logan on the ward due to some of the other patients illness. Which I cannot complain, as they are protecting the interest of both my munch-mouse and the other patient's.

When I left after lunch Sean still was not his silly self. This left me feeling very concerned and emtionally drained. I "missed" my mate as it were. We have a fun-loving way of razzing and teasing each other -- and it simply was not there.

I returned to the hospital around 6pm. Sean was finishing up his dinner as I walked in the room. We chatted for a while and watched some shows on Discovery Channel -- "How it's Made", "overhaulin", and part of a new one where they custom paint vehicles. (new to me anyway) I asked him if he wanted anything for a treat. And this is when it was more obvious he was feeling better. He perked up and asked for a Snickers Icecream bar. I asked him if he wanted some peanut MM's too, to which he responded, "oooo, those sound good too." Yup, he's on the mend and not on a restricted diet. There were smiles and winks and general good humor between us again and it made me feel better to know he was doing better. Besides some "weakness" (due to fever) and "tiredness" (due to inactivity) he's started making his jokes again. A dramatic turn around from just a few 18 hours earlier.

I am truely blessed to have those that care and will lift us in prayer for recovery from many things. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and great kids.

And I am very thankful to the Lord for showing me again how awesome He really is.

Have a blessed evening.