Sunday, February 24, 2008

Who said raising kids is a blessing?

I live with a bunch of males. One adult, three teenagers, and one toddler. And my brain just left and went elsewhere for the night. I had planned on talking about something especially about the toddler. He's a pill -- and he's growing up very fast. Too fast really.

Resting in bed one night he comes in to cuddle with me.

"Did you finish your dinner?"

"Wellllll, not yet actually."

Then, the other evening oldest made him some chocolate milk.

"How's the chocolate milk?"

"It's pretty good, Calvin."

Little did I realize that I have a 33 yr old man in a 3 yr old toddler suit! I want to know what happened to words like "nummy" and "I wike it." went?!

Take care! I am going to go stand on his toes and pull his hair so that the body will fit the words that comes out of the kiddos mouth. Oh, and get more miracle grow because tomorrow -- he will be like my 14yo who when school started last fall was just slightly shorter than me and now stands taller than me.. that's what? 5 1/2 months? Seems like 5 1/2 minutes ago!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why post....

Hey !

Well... I have not kept up with this and most likely will not continue to keep up still. I will try to post when I feel like it.

Current projects -
1. de-cluttering my house
2. resin jewelry/castings
3. papier mache shelving. (I will post a picture of that soon as I have already started it. And despite belief it is very sturdy stuff. I guess I can post work in progress pictures. but alas, no promises.... )
4. rag rugs. learning a technique is interesting.... and you can learn several things from these videos ---

Laura does an excellent description/footage of how to make these simple beautiful rugs. Of course, I have to be difficult and try it with yarn. Am having problems with the yarn twisting.... ba humbug! Suggestions on keeping the yarn from being ornery and twisting are welcome....

Chat soon!

Many blessings!