Friday, June 15, 2007


Last night was a turning point for me. I was called to sit with a client that was ready to go home. His basket of flowers was full. When I arrived to sit with the client I understood I had a long night in front of me. But one thing I noticed is that there were no angels present in his room. It was on my drive home that I realized why this was the case. Even though his physical body was still in that room, breathing and with a beating heart, what made him who he was as a person in this world was no longer present. He had already gone home to be with the Lord. And the angels had left with him. I sat with his physical body as it came to terms with the fact that the person inside had left it to its own devices. I noticed different things shutting down from an "outsiders" observations and when his breathing changed to indicate a final closure I woke his family. They came in and said their final good byes. This has been a whole new experience for me. And one, that oddly enough, I won't mind doing again and on the same token cannot do often.

Other clients I have sat with, ones that were going home soon, they had angels all around them. I could almost tangibly touch them. I could feel them come into the presence of the person, feel the comfort they have to offer. Feel the awesome presence that they bring to the air when they arrive - one by one or in groups. Yes, they really do this. When you are open to what is in the air around you, you can feel, touch, smell and even see them.

Remember today what I have said -- You and I may not always see eye to eye and we can disagree, but no matter what -- you are special to me. Tell those you are close to that you love them for the angels find you when its time to go home.

My words here are not eloquent as I would have liked them to be. I am tired and I think emotionally drained.

Many blessings and may the Lord be with you.