Saturday, October 21, 2006

His, Mine and Ours..... An Explaination.

This is just to give you an idea of the "His, Mine and Ours" equalling out to be 9 children for my family --
Way back in May of 1990 I got married to my first husband. Now he's gratefully an Ex for many reasons, on both our parts. At any rate while we were married we had 3 children together.
Calvin - now to be forever known as Challenge Child was born to us in December 1990. One week early and proved to be that challenge from the word go. I was inexperienced and only was able to nurse him for about 2 weeks.
Based on what I learned while raising him solo as Terry went to sea often I really think we need to involve older teens in helping raise younger children so that they have a better understanding of the huge responsiblity it is to take care of a growing learning little person whom is soley dependant on you for their EVERY SINGLE need.

Two and half years later with a planned pregnancy I had Caleb -- and he's my genius child.

Less than one year after Caleb was born I became pregnant again with TJ. He was born in November of 1994. He's know as Tonka many of the times because of the fact that he would take a spill or do something that other kids would HOWL and he would come up laughing!

That's the first 3...

In 1998 I got divorced to what ended in a bitter fued type relationship with my first husband. He's got issues with me, and I have issues with him. Those things won't ever change. However, until 1, 2 and 3 turn 18 we have to deal as best as possible in order to keep the kids in some sort of balance.

June 2000 I was married to the man that eventually proved just how mean and hateful his heart truely is. Actually... nevermind.. that's another story.. but at any rate I soon found out I was pregnant again.

Stephen was born in March 2001. He's recently started school and is loving it. My husband at the time had children from a previous marriage and this is where my adopted daughter fits into my life. Britney is currently a full grown woman, but when I met her she was 13 and precocious! Still full of life and not quite as precocious she calls me as often as she can and calls me, "Mom". I love her dearly and try work at being a sounding board for her and a "safety net" for things going on in her world.

Now we are at five.

As the time for my second divorce approached my second husband found that my "stand up" attitude was more than he cared to tolerate and tried to extinguish the very thing he had originally married me for. In 2003 my divorce was finalized. I had met my third husband by then -- but we were not looking for what would eventually be a permanent relationship as such as we have now.

My third husband has 3 children from a previous marriage. One girl - his eldest, and two boys that are close in age to my second and third sons. I won't go into much detail about them as I will "my" kids as we do spend time with them but I simply don't know them as well as my own.

That makes 6, 7 and 8.

April 2004 and on my 34th birthday no less I had Logan. He's an intelligent and adorable child that I have to keep busy all the time. He's learning things as fast as I can teach him.

And he makes 9.

So, now you know what and how my count for kidlets is 9. And I love them all dearly as individuals and each in thier own right is a "favorite".

#1 is 15 yrs old
#2 is 13 yrs old
#3 is 11 yrs old
#4 is 5 yrs old
#5 is 20 yrs old
#6 is 13 yrs old
#7 is 11 yrs old
#8 is 9 yrs old
#9 is 2 yrs old

It's kind of odd to see that 20 yr old in there due to the age factor -- so I get these funny looks when I rattle off the ages of "my kids". After a quick explaination of her "impromptu adoption" it makes sense. I kind of love seeing the reactions before people understand..

Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

50 Things about Me.

1. I used to be an introvert, now am a quiet extrovert.
2. I am known for my frank attitude toward many different things.
3. I have a sense of humor, if slow sometimes.
4. I have 11 cats, all of which are loveable fixed purr bags.
5. I have, in the past, had as pets - a snake, squirrel and trantula.
6. I have curly hair and have given up on ever attempting to control it.
7. I have given birth to 5 kids -- all boys.
8. I have 9 kids if you count the "His, Mine, and Ours."
9. I know ASL enough to get me by, and learning more. (The "finger" doesn't count.)
10. I can be a huge flirt if in the right mood, otherwise I bite.
11. I have never had a tattoo, and the one time I had a temp tat my 1st husband had kittens.
12. I avoid all dairy products because its best that way.
13. I never get bored, there is always something to learn and do.
14. I love the sun, but do not tan. I burn.
15. I collect Breyer Model Horses.
16. I am teaching myself to do paper quilling.
17. I understand Brit humor thanks to my DH -- whom is of Brit decent.
18. I love to bake bread -- and have made 9 loaves over the past three days.
19. I have seen a western sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It was BEAUTIFUL!
20. My favorite saying is, "Everything is carved in jello. Jello gets hot it melts. when it cools again you start carving all over."
21. My favorite quote is, "Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."
22. I know what its like to have my world rocked in the best way possible.
No one warned me it was addictive?
23. I have an assoc. degree in CIS.
24. I am going back to college for an eventual RN degree.
25. I work with seniors.
26. Since I am a mom to 5 boys I have caught all kinds of creatures to teach them about such animals.
27. I have found rocks in my dryer thanks to those 5 boys.
28. I have also found assundry automotive tools and parts in my washer thanks to my husband.
29. I have a pen collection in my bedroom that my husband started.
30. Besides collecting model horses, I also collect model cars for said mechanic husband.
31. I love to get plants -
32. but often kill them due to my work schedule. (English Ivy is very delicate.)
33. I have two soul mates - one male (DH), one female (adopted sister)
34. I love thunderstorms and will go to sleep during storms.
35. I once had a close call with a lightening strike only 10 ft away from me. - the tree died. I found the bark blown up to 100 ft. away.
36. I have been on a U.S. submarine underway for a dependants cruise.
37. Angles and Dangles was an interesting experience -- on said dependant cruise.
38. I have been married 3 times -- third time was a charm. (not exactly proud of # times, but definitely happy of the outcome.)
39. I believe in woman's ability to homebirth.
40. Of the 5 boys -- two births were completely natural, with as little medical intervention as possible.(one homebirthed, one in hospital - very little intervention.)
41. I am an abuse survivor - and talk about my experiences openly.
42. I photograph sunsets. Missed a dandy last nite.. darn batteries.
43. After 5 boys, No, am not trying for a girl. (tubal ligation is a blessing.)
44. I love to play in the rain and still splash in mud puddles.
45. I trust in my 6th sense more than most people realize.
46. I know what angels are -- and have seen, felt and heard them.
47. Prayer has worked miracles in my life many times.
48. I have gaurdian angels and know them by sight.
49. I have a-symptomatic allergic reactions to latex and sulfa based drugs. (And should have been hospitalized last time I did have an allergic reaction.. sheesh!)
50. I hate politics -- so often I don't fit in. *sighs*

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #71

Coral loves to hang out in my car. This is how we found her when we had finished cleaning the carpet in the car. She takes every opportunity to get in the car she can. This also means that when I get home from errands or work and the car is warm, you can bet she's one of the first ones to find the warmest spot she can. You can check out other feline friends at Rosa's Yummy Yums.

Have a great day everyone! Check back in for other blogging ideas! I hope to get back into WFMW hosted by Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer, and so many more.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Dry Creek Bed!

This creek bed is Verde Creek at Camp Verde. (Yes, lots of green... for now anyway.) Normally you cannot walk across the creek bed as normally there is about 2 feet of water flowing across it. Right now though, as you can see -- the bed is dry. Or nearly so. We have had recent rains and I wonder what this looked like BEFORE recent rains. By the way, I am standing in the center of the creek bed -- which under conditions I have normally seen it in, would of course, not be possible. If you look at the creek bed wall you can easily see where the water line is normally at. We need quite a bit of rain to fill up this little creek bed again. I was so shocked to see this creek so dry. This just goes to show really how bad the drought has been for Texas Hill Country.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A New Photo Stop Blog

I recently decided that though I love to blog -- I wanted an outlet for my picture taking skills. I am a novice -- and I love to take pictures -- I put them up when they are clear -- the fuzzy ones get dumped -- unless of course I think its neat kind of fuzzy. I have been playing with my camera today especially -- and hopefully can continue to find things of interest to take pictures of. I have found I love close-ups. This is thanks to Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. And then I have things that are not so close up as well. I will be going on a trip in a month.. and I look forward to the picture taking possibilities there. You can check out my new blog at Heather's Photo Fun. I already have some 6 pictures posted just from today! I had fun with the camera -- and then cleaned up shop. (IE deleted all the fuzzy rejects.) Tomorrow I will show the pictures of the Verde Creek that I promised.. I reviewed them and am still just shocked. Even with recent rains the creek is a dry bed for the most part. Wow. Have a great evening!

Pictures to share...

I love to visit Pioneer Woman from time to time. She's been doing close ups of many things. I thought it would be okay to share some of the close ups I would try my hand at and I am not disappointed. This pretty yellow flower is near the river not 4 blocks from my home. I backed out a bit and you can see the result in the next picture.

Below you see another variety of flower along the same stretch of river that I took the above pictures at. I also went exploring at one of my favorite creeks and I am going to show you pictures of it tomorrow. I was seriously alarmed at the extent of just how bad the drought has been here. The creek bed normally flowing is stale and stagnant. It's rather shocking. Back again tomorrow with the creek bed edition.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The beginning or end?

I took this on my way into work. A wonderful sunset to the start of a work day. I am trying to remember to take my camera with me where ever I go as I have seen some rather spectacular skies as of late. And somethings that I wish I had the opportunity to get pictures of as well.

What do these pens have in common with the one below?

They are from my husband's place of work. He seems to collect them! I thought we had this little issue fixed when he left CarQuest. But seems now that he's going to be doing additional things besides just repairs at the new site, he's also going to be helping in the office. Which means pens get tucked into his shirt pocket, come home and stay to LIVE! The only problem I have with this is the picture below -- I only have a limited amount of room for so many of these little additions that move in and don't bother to pay rent! (Well, okay they help to write out the rent reciept.) I have in the past collected all the errant CQ pens and taken them back to the store. I had a half gallon baggie full. Yes, I am serious. Darn things multiplied like rabbits!

I love Recipezaar. You can find recipes for just about anything you can think of there. Not everything is of course there, but there are many many recipes to choose from. Today I made Country White Bread. We, Logan and I, polished off one whole loaf all to ourselves. Perhaps there should be a warning on the site!! This could be dangerous to the waist line! This is some really good bread. Best I have made at home as of yet. The only other thing I am going to start doing is buying distilled water to bake with. The water that comes from the wells and underground reserviors is heavy with calcium and other minerals that inhibit the yeast and other leavening ingredients from working like they should.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's not what you think....

My 11 yo has a special touch with Pause. He was cuddling her in his lap and she went to sleep just like you see her here! She snoozed quite happily like that for a good half hour. He even laughed when I took the picture and all she did was open a single eyeball. Gave us both this deadpan look and went back to sleep! I kid you not!

All in all I have had a busy week of it. And I had planned to blog more, however, I am developing a migraine.. its just getting started. So am off to find meds and my pillow. I hope that you have a wonderful week! And if you drop in please leave me a note.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Camera woes and stuff!

Shhhhh... I am hiding.

Here you see adorable lovable Ms.Pause. She's had turned into a lovable purring making-dough kind of kitty cat. She's the kind of cat that everyone would love to have. She enjoys being held and she gets her motor just a rumbling, she will even come to you when called -- by name no less.

As you can see I do have the camera in working order again on the computer. YAY for me! I replaced the dink cd drive and then immediatly set to installing software.

Meet "Glory"......

I am an Ebay addict. Well, kind of.. I love Breyer horses -- and this little boy was customized and offered for sale on that bad bad website!

Thats all for now! gotta run!