Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It takes a little time...

But you eventually learn more than you may really want to. I ran across some friends today when I was out and learned some stuff about family. I need to talk to my dh about it. When you loose a family member sometimes just stopping by may not be enough for those whom are left behind.

I have more word/color combinations --
courageous - dark emerald green
outgoing - sapphire blue

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Words with Color! Please join in!

I have some more to add to the word/color discussion!!

pure - saffron (a pretty orange yellow... )*from my b-i-l*
caring - yellow *from my sis.
curious (or inquisitive) - dark red wine (or navy blue)*from my teller
sunny - gold *from Sunny Yukon
Girly -- bubblegum pink *from Veggie
Sassy - turquoise *from myself
Flare - bright leaf green! *from myself
Fiery--red/orange *from Veggie
Shy--light blue *from Veggie
Happy - green (either light or dark depending on season) *from Becca
vibrant - green - a nice hunter green *from Becca
I count 11 -- that should keep me busy for a few days... pictures to come later.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

We Both Win!

I had my 17yo read "The Shack". He felt it was a wonderful read when he got through it. I am delighted. I hoped it would speak to his heart in some way. And it seems to have done so. He's in good spirits today and went with my beloved husband to the auto grave yard for some different things for different cars we have here in need of some hard to find items.

Let's see how he does now -- maybe the chip is a little lighter on his shoulder at least for now.

Again -- calling all descriptions! I need you to describe yourself in one word that's less than 15 letters.

Two examples
Girly -- pink
Sassy - turquoise

And if your color is used already do not hesitate to use it again, or even the same word with a new color... I need some flare in my life...

Flare - bright leaf green!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's pure torture!

My 17yo is whining. This is nothing new. He's a pain to deal with on a daily basis, and am having him read the book "The Shack" ... much to his dismay the book is dry in the beginning that much I will say. We took his phone away. Why? Because we told him to read the book, and he's deliberately avoiding it because, "IT'S BORING!" .... waaaaaa! Next step in the parade will likely be a trip to the back yard with a deck of cards. heh. I will keep you posted as time goes by. (I do work tonite and him and my husband will be gone in the morning when I get home.)

A book to read...

Hey there!
I just finished "The Shack" by William Young. At the end it asks me to not give away the plot... so I am saying this much -- its a must read! You can read the reviews or even order from this link in Amazon -- The Shack By William Young. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am having my teenage sons read it.

I need suggestions!

I am going to be making something... but I need suggestions!!!

give me one word that you think describes you -- no more than 15 letters - and a color to go with that word!

Am looking forward to hearing from you!

for me -- Sassy -- in bright turquoise blue!