Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's been a long 24 hours

Yesterday at this time (8pm CST) I was sitting on the side of the bed looking at a thermometer and none too pleased with what it had to tell me.

103*F. Now, that is a whopper of a fever for an adult.

I had already called and talked to the VA doctor on duty in the urgent care clinic and because of the amount of meds already taken he was saying that there should not be any more consumed. Not even to bring down this fever.

At 830PM I was loading a very unhappy chilled to the bone adult into my car. This is the same fella that insisted on going to work, regardless that he was feeling "off".

At the hospital we learned nothing about what was causing this "inability to control thermal regulation" (seriously, that is what the nurse typed in on the computer in the ward where he is currently staying.) After several dozen different things were gone over to figure out what was causing the fever, and results for a first CBC came back the doctor opted to admit my husband. CBC was even more confusing -- normal except for the "bands" as he called them. I later learned that "bands" are something like keytones (best description i can come up with) that indicate the body is fighting an infection. However, they could not localize the source of said infection.

We, nurse and I, did have a little fun at his expense as she had to record what personal belongings he had with him -- and my 2 yo's mink is a wonderful blanket to keep warm with -- so, she recorded his "blankie" was part of his personal effects. LOL (Its got "The Incredibles" on it!)

I left the hospital around 12:30 am in the morning. Exhausted, wired for sound, and generally concerned for my spouse. I didn't manage to get into bed until well after one am.

I made it back into the hospital about lunch time today. It's hard on the baby for me to be gone, and daddy to be gone too. Logan has repeatedly asked for dad. I know he's missing daddy dreadfully, however, they wont allow Logan on the ward due to some of the other patients illness. Which I cannot complain, as they are protecting the interest of both my munch-mouse and the other patient's.

When I left after lunch Sean still was not his silly self. This left me feeling very concerned and emtionally drained. I "missed" my mate as it were. We have a fun-loving way of razzing and teasing each other -- and it simply was not there.

I returned to the hospital around 6pm. Sean was finishing up his dinner as I walked in the room. We chatted for a while and watched some shows on Discovery Channel -- "How it's Made", "overhaulin", and part of a new one where they custom paint vehicles. (new to me anyway) I asked him if he wanted anything for a treat. And this is when it was more obvious he was feeling better. He perked up and asked for a Snickers Icecream bar. I asked him if he wanted some peanut MM's too, to which he responded, "oooo, those sound good too." Yup, he's on the mend and not on a restricted diet. There were smiles and winks and general good humor between us again and it made me feel better to know he was doing better. Besides some "weakness" (due to fever) and "tiredness" (due to inactivity) he's started making his jokes again. A dramatic turn around from just a few 18 hours earlier.

I am truely blessed to have those that care and will lift us in prayer for recovery from many things. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and great kids.

And I am very thankful to the Lord for showing me again how awesome He really is.

Have a blessed evening.


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