Thursday, August 10, 2006

My favorite form of exercise.. and its not that bad!

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Okay, so exercise is not on everyone's favorite list of things to do. However, its been shown over and over again that we as a society simply do not move enough. And we are also what I will say are "garbage hounds". Yes, I am guilty of being a "garbage hound" too. So, harumph! Are we lazy? Some of us -- yeah, lazy is a good word for it. But I also think we are so stressed out too that by the time we THINK of exercising -- it makes our brains hurt! I know mine does at the thought of getting up and moving around after I have just spent the nite with a client who was up every 45 minutes whining. (Okay, not all the clients are this way -- but each does have his or her own personality... )

I just recieved Callanetics Fit Forever that I ordered from EBay for a whopping 6 dollars -- that included shipping. Not bad for a book valued new at $13.00 (at least the sticker says that -- seen it for more and less.. hrm.. )

Callan Pinckney has an honest and open approach to the exercises that she teaches in her books. This is only one of many I have learned about recently. I do have her 10 yrs younger in 10 weeks book too -- however, its currently MIA -- and I was curious to see her newer version of her books. So far I like what I have read. Her philosophy as listed in her introduction go as such:

Always work at your own pace.
Listen to your body. (*and am sure this does not include trips to the kitchen/pantry)
Never, ever force.
Relax your entire body.
Light and flowing as a feather. (**stop snorting! LOL)
Triple slow motion.
NEVER compare yourself with anyone else. (***hard to do sometimes.)
(*, ** & *** are my own added thoughts)

If you have any experience with doing callanetics at all, or have read any of Callan's books then you will understand clearly what she means in those above statements. In black and white -- am sure they can be construed to mean a half a dozen different things. And quite honestly, they are simple and truthful. And her exercises work!

(TIME for a personal challenge -- will post the challenge tomorrow and keep you up to date on how it goes. Hopefully, those of you who haunt my little blog will cheer me on by commenting?? please?? *smiles encouragingly*) Though my challenge for today/tonight is to stay awake well enough to read thru more of the book and take care of my client. My client is a great gal by the way -- in her 90's and knows how to push all the right buttons with friends, caregivers and family alike! LOL

"We've reduced our physical activity by nearly 75% since 1900." - Callanetics Fit Forever -- Introduction page XV. Para.2, Sent.2 Now, if we could only reduce the debt that much huh? But it makes sense if you consider it -- in the early 1900's we didn't have then what we have today. Foods were not as easily accessible. Nor was getting place to place as easy as jumping in a auto and tootling down the street. We had to work much harder physically for the foods we take for granted today. And sweets? I wonder just how much sugar we consume as a nation daily.... and don't even get me started on those artificial things they call sweeteners. (The word POISON should be on each and every individual package.)

I know we need to exercise more. And I know that whole natural foods -- even ones grown on depleted lands have more nutritional value than any "processed to something not even resembling its original shape" has to offer. (another tangent for another day.)

Have a great evening --- tomorrow is day one of the challenge. Stay tuned!


Blogger Becca said...

What a great price!!
Looks like you survived me being I'm back in my own little house now with my comfy bed and my computer hehe. I hope to chat some this weekend if you're available...Hugs and tootles for now!

Thu Aug 10, 08:14:00 PM  
Blogger farmgirl said...

Hi Heather,
What a coincidence. I bought a Callanetics book nearly 20 years ago and her (easy!) exercises WORK. It's amazing. I have been doing a little routine of about six of them (along with a few other things like pushups) for years and years. I'd been sluffing off lately, but just this morning I started back up again. Even one of her exercises is better than nothing! : )

What I found very encouraging was when she pointed out that ballet dancers have these huge muscles and beautiful bodies and yet they never do weight lifting, etc. It's all her teeny callanetics moves that can make those muscles.

Best of luck to you with your new book. I'm so happy to hear that she is still around and spreading her fabulous way of getting fit.

Sat Aug 19, 07:29:00 AM  

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