Monday, August 14, 2006

That exercise challenge day 3

Okay, I was not able to post yesterday -- life once again. However, I was able to exercise (I consider chasing kids around exercise... ) and stretch the last few days. I still need to get some sort of cardio thing going. Without bringing up my heart rate this really isn't going to go far. However, my client got a laugh while I was stretching while she was watching TV. I played tug o war with the dog and she sat in her chair and laughed and laughed. Especially when she tossed a toy over my head and the dog went sailing of her own accord over me.

On another note, I was able to stretch out and get nicely warmed up and touch my toes ONCE! I have to be warmed up throughly to do this though. It feels wonderful to stretch out like that. My client told me she used to do flips. I told her I was never brave enough to do those! Not even off a diving board. Pain and I are NOT friends! LOL And that's another thing I like about Callan -- she says that the "no pain no gain" is a HUGE farce! And am soooo glad!

Which brings up another thing -- I did finish reading her book. And I really enjoyed it. I like that she states things need to be in triple slow motion -- slow and steady wins the race. That yo-ho dieting is bad bad bad.

There is a formula that when worked you find out your target working heart rate. Mine should be between 110 and 158 beats per minute for a good cardio workout for at least 20 minutes.

So, have you been stretching? Can you touch your toes? What can you tell me that will likely make me green with envy and give me something to strive for? I already want to be flexible... because, well, its more fun? LOL

Many blessings!


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