Monday, March 27, 2006

A few weekend highlights......

To go out or not? That is the question.

Spooks can never decide how badly she really wants to go out. And then when she does get out of the house she's usually back in rather quickly thru a hole in the tub sub-floor in the master bathroom.

Over at Garlic Breath we have a lovely Chocolate Mint cookie recipe that I wrote down in hopes to one day make them because they sound absolutely divine!

FarmGirl has plenty to share on her daily happenings on the farm. Today is Joe's birthday so scoot over there and wish him a happy day and check out the rest of the blog too. FarmGirl also has InMyKitchenGarden where you can find the best time to plant hardy onion plants that really do not mind the wintery blasts we have left to endure before the rest of spring really sets in!

Clare at Eatstuff has been feeling under the weather with the flu but has kept up with duties of Weekend Cat Blogging and featuring our favorite feline friends! S'cat over there and say a hello, wish her well and check out other felines doing those fun feline things!

Kalyn's Kitchen has the weekly round-up of herbs and other things that grow. She asked me to keep her up to date on how I use my Salad Burnett and Stevia as the season progresses... those herbs have a bunch of growing to do. Salad burnett is best used fresh from the plant, and Stevia can be used to sweeten teas and such even after it's dried. I have bunches to learn myself.

Today's Weather outlook for my area -- Highs in the 60's and a chance of rain or drizzle.

Have a great day everyone!


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