Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Day In the Life.. 3.30.06

A Colour Filled Morning

I enjoy drinking a cup of tea or coffee on my front steps in the mornings. I don't get to do it very often as I am usually distracted by little ones that want to be fed, bathed and dressed for the day. My children are early birds as a general rule.

Logan is learning sign language and today he added "fish" to his ever growing list of signs. He does what I do -- he will mimic both the sign and the word when I explain it to him. He loves the sign language and only recently took a strong interest in it. I am having to learn it too, in order to teach him. He is very intelligent and strong willed. Many might consider him "ADD" even at this age because he's very active. My husband calls him a "getsinta" well, because he gets into EVERYTHING! He steals my coffee (thus I keep only partial cups around when I do have it). I have taken to keep lidded cups of water since he will snag those as well. He's always going to be an intersting challenge to keep entertained since he's learning so fast.

Hello Smiliey!

Even getting his hair cut was a fun experience. My older boys let me cut thier hair but they get short cuts that I can do with clippers. Logan always wanted to join in, but since I wasnt really prepared to cut his yet I would pretend to do so much to his delight. Recently we decided to get his hair cut and I took him to a local beauty school. The gals there were all fascinated at how well he behaved while we were working on trimming his long locks.

Have a great day everyone!


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