Friday, November 10, 2006

Being Called Home.

I look at death in a very different perspective than many. Most hate death, dispise it, fear it. I do not. I look forward to my "calling home". My heart today is both sad and happy. A client was "called home" last night. I will miss her as she was one of those kinds that reaches out and gently touches your heart and leaves an awesome impression. I didn't get to say good bye yet. Yet, I am happy for her too. She's been "called home" to her family and friends that she missed so dearly. See, she was the last of her "family" - no relatives to speak of close by to her heart.

Her basket of flowers was full and I will not soon forget how she touched my heart and my family. And even though I only knew her a very few short weeks she and I became fast friends. I did visit her on my own time... and I will get the chance to say goodbye.

Many blessings...
Remember to tell those you love how you feel.
Say your sorry even when you are mad because you NEVER know when it may be the last thing you do get to say.

I was able to give her a hug the last time I saw her, and I brought her a treat of homemade banana bread... and I got to say, " Love you and get well soon." And she is well as she is now with those long since passed over before her.

Just remember, that even though you and I may not see eye to eye -- that I do care and hope the best of everything for you.

And yes, I do realize in the past I have grouched about my ex-husbands - neither of which will I allow to cause me any more harm, but I do not wish harm on them. (They have enough of their own problems and cause enough of their own harm to themselves. They don't need any assistance.)


Blogger Air Force Family said...

Good advice Heather! It is difficult to lose a patient. It broke my heart the 1st time, but it doesn't get any easier.

Fri Nov 10, 11:22:00 AM  
Blogger Ang said...

Sisi... I'm sorry to hear of this loss. It's not a family loss, but it affects you and thus your family all the same. I know how hard it is to work with someone and loose them - it is never easy and while I would love to say it gets "easier" it doesn't. Don't let your heart harden to it and it will remind you that you are alive.

I love you so much and I know you'll be just fine.

::hugs and smoochies::

Fri Nov 10, 12:15:00 PM  
Blogger AzureLynn said...


Tue Nov 14, 07:10:00 AM  

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