Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday..... whatevah...

Okay, so today and yesterday morning have been very interesting. When I arrived home from work yesterday I was informed we had trapped a raccoon! Now, as I had not set the trap I was surprised. I later learned that my 11 yo had indeed set the trap to see if we could catch a stray white tom cat. I was not about to release the raccoon since he'd learned that we were a food source of sorts. I have cats -- they eat outside -- raccoons will steal the food from the cats. And if I got anywhere near the cage the raccoon of course got very upset and would lunge at me. No way was I going to open that cage and risk getting bit or clawed by that little demon. Nor did I want something that aggressive living on the property since I have a 2 yr old that fears just about nothing. I called animal control.

After waiting for an hour and a half the officer from AC called. Now as we like to observe things I knew that him getting this nasty creature out was not going to be easy or fun. However, it was interesting. Logan of course had to watch too -- so I set him up where he would not be in the way at all. The officer was not going to let that lil demon get away. After he wrangled the creature into a cage on the truck I noticed he had an adorable dog in another part of the truck -- kind of an open cage in the back of the truck -- a stray with a home I was later to find out.

I went to the shelter today and found many dogs that I liked but they were not "just right". So, off to the no kill humane society on the other side of town. And as of Thursday next week I will be the happy owner of a beautiful wire haired terrier mix named Roscoe!

I will post pictures as soon as I have him!


Blogger AzureLynn said...

Yes, I realize I am replying to my own post -- but let me add that by adopting a pet from the no kill shelter that it opens up a slot at the no kill for another pet from the kill shelter to have a chance at having a home.

Sat Nov 04, 07:19:00 AM  

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