Thursday, October 19, 2006

50 Things about Me.

1. I used to be an introvert, now am a quiet extrovert.
2. I am known for my frank attitude toward many different things.
3. I have a sense of humor, if slow sometimes.
4. I have 11 cats, all of which are loveable fixed purr bags.
5. I have, in the past, had as pets - a snake, squirrel and trantula.
6. I have curly hair and have given up on ever attempting to control it.
7. I have given birth to 5 kids -- all boys.
8. I have 9 kids if you count the "His, Mine, and Ours."
9. I know ASL enough to get me by, and learning more. (The "finger" doesn't count.)
10. I can be a huge flirt if in the right mood, otherwise I bite.
11. I have never had a tattoo, and the one time I had a temp tat my 1st husband had kittens.
12. I avoid all dairy products because its best that way.
13. I never get bored, there is always something to learn and do.
14. I love the sun, but do not tan. I burn.
15. I collect Breyer Model Horses.
16. I am teaching myself to do paper quilling.
17. I understand Brit humor thanks to my DH -- whom is of Brit decent.
18. I love to bake bread -- and have made 9 loaves over the past three days.
19. I have seen a western sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It was BEAUTIFUL!
20. My favorite saying is, "Everything is carved in jello. Jello gets hot it melts. when it cools again you start carving all over."
21. My favorite quote is, "Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."
22. I know what its like to have my world rocked in the best way possible.
No one warned me it was addictive?
23. I have an assoc. degree in CIS.
24. I am going back to college for an eventual RN degree.
25. I work with seniors.
26. Since I am a mom to 5 boys I have caught all kinds of creatures to teach them about such animals.
27. I have found rocks in my dryer thanks to those 5 boys.
28. I have also found assundry automotive tools and parts in my washer thanks to my husband.
29. I have a pen collection in my bedroom that my husband started.
30. Besides collecting model horses, I also collect model cars for said mechanic husband.
31. I love to get plants -
32. but often kill them due to my work schedule. (English Ivy is very delicate.)
33. I have two soul mates - one male (DH), one female (adopted sister)
34. I love thunderstorms and will go to sleep during storms.
35. I once had a close call with a lightening strike only 10 ft away from me. - the tree died. I found the bark blown up to 100 ft. away.
36. I have been on a U.S. submarine underway for a dependants cruise.
37. Angles and Dangles was an interesting experience -- on said dependant cruise.
38. I have been married 3 times -- third time was a charm. (not exactly proud of # times, but definitely happy of the outcome.)
39. I believe in woman's ability to homebirth.
40. Of the 5 boys -- two births were completely natural, with as little medical intervention as possible.(one homebirthed, one in hospital - very little intervention.)
41. I am an abuse survivor - and talk about my experiences openly.
42. I photograph sunsets. Missed a dandy last nite.. darn batteries.
43. After 5 boys, No, am not trying for a girl. (tubal ligation is a blessing.)
44. I love to play in the rain and still splash in mud puddles.
45. I trust in my 6th sense more than most people realize.
46. I know what angels are -- and have seen, felt and heard them.
47. Prayer has worked miracles in my life many times.
48. I have gaurdian angels and know them by sight.
49. I have a-symptomatic allergic reactions to latex and sulfa based drugs. (And should have been hospitalized last time I did have an allergic reaction.. sheesh!)
50. I hate politics -- so often I don't fit in. *sighs*


Blogger Ang said...

I loved the post - I'll have to try that this weekend. It's just a matter of whittling down which 50 things that matter the most.

-hugs and kisses-

Thu Oct 19, 04:00:00 PM  
Blogger Ang said...

Okay... here's my version of 50 things.

Sun Oct 22, 04:27:00 PM  

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