Sunday, October 01, 2006

Camera woes and stuff!

Shhhhh... I am hiding.

Here you see adorable lovable Ms.Pause. She's had turned into a lovable purring making-dough kind of kitty cat. She's the kind of cat that everyone would love to have. She enjoys being held and she gets her motor just a rumbling, she will even come to you when called -- by name no less.

As you can see I do have the camera in working order again on the computer. YAY for me! I replaced the dink cd drive and then immediatly set to installing software.

Meet "Glory"......

I am an Ebay addict. Well, kind of.. I love Breyer horses -- and this little boy was customized and offered for sale on that bad bad website!

Thats all for now! gotta run!


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