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His, Mine and Ours..... An Explaination.

This is just to give you an idea of the "His, Mine and Ours" equalling out to be 9 children for my family --
Way back in May of 1990 I got married to my first husband. Now he's gratefully an Ex for many reasons, on both our parts. At any rate while we were married we had 3 children together.
Calvin - now to be forever known as Challenge Child was born to us in December 1990. One week early and proved to be that challenge from the word go. I was inexperienced and only was able to nurse him for about 2 weeks.
Based on what I learned while raising him solo as Terry went to sea often I really think we need to involve older teens in helping raise younger children so that they have a better understanding of the huge responsiblity it is to take care of a growing learning little person whom is soley dependant on you for their EVERY SINGLE need.

Two and half years later with a planned pregnancy I had Caleb -- and he's my genius child.

Less than one year after Caleb was born I became pregnant again with TJ. He was born in November of 1994. He's know as Tonka many of the times because of the fact that he would take a spill or do something that other kids would HOWL and he would come up laughing!

That's the first 3...

In 1998 I got divorced to what ended in a bitter fued type relationship with my first husband. He's got issues with me, and I have issues with him. Those things won't ever change. However, until 1, 2 and 3 turn 18 we have to deal as best as possible in order to keep the kids in some sort of balance.

June 2000 I was married to the man that eventually proved just how mean and hateful his heart truely is. Actually... nevermind.. that's another story.. but at any rate I soon found out I was pregnant again.

Stephen was born in March 2001. He's recently started school and is loving it. My husband at the time had children from a previous marriage and this is where my adopted daughter fits into my life. Britney is currently a full grown woman, but when I met her she was 13 and precocious! Still full of life and not quite as precocious she calls me as often as she can and calls me, "Mom". I love her dearly and try work at being a sounding board for her and a "safety net" for things going on in her world.

Now we are at five.

As the time for my second divorce approached my second husband found that my "stand up" attitude was more than he cared to tolerate and tried to extinguish the very thing he had originally married me for. In 2003 my divorce was finalized. I had met my third husband by then -- but we were not looking for what would eventually be a permanent relationship as such as we have now.

My third husband has 3 children from a previous marriage. One girl - his eldest, and two boys that are close in age to my second and third sons. I won't go into much detail about them as I will "my" kids as we do spend time with them but I simply don't know them as well as my own.

That makes 6, 7 and 8.

April 2004 and on my 34th birthday no less I had Logan. He's an intelligent and adorable child that I have to keep busy all the time. He's learning things as fast as I can teach him.

And he makes 9.

So, now you know what and how my count for kidlets is 9. And I love them all dearly as individuals and each in thier own right is a "favorite".

#1 is 15 yrs old
#2 is 13 yrs old
#3 is 11 yrs old
#4 is 5 yrs old
#5 is 20 yrs old
#6 is 13 yrs old
#7 is 11 yrs old
#8 is 9 yrs old
#9 is 2 yrs old

It's kind of odd to see that 20 yr old in there due to the age factor -- so I get these funny looks when I rattle off the ages of "my kids". After a quick explaination of her "impromptu adoption" it makes sense. I kind of love seeing the reactions before people understand..

Hope you have a great day!


Blogger Ang said...

Well ... I love and adore all 9 of them... though some of them I don't get to tell them often enough. I'll admit that I'll take the 5 year old off your hands at a moments notice. Heck, I'd take your firstborn too - more to the point if ever any of the 9 needed a place to go - they are welcome in my heart and home because they are my family too.

Oh.. .and I love you and the MM too.

-giggles and waves-

Sun Oct 22, 04:35:00 PM  
Blogger AzureLynn said...

Love you too sis!

Wed Nov 01, 02:24:00 PM  

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