Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello Hello...

You would think that some people would get a frigging clue.

I am a working parent -- and I take proper care of my children. However, yesterday someone thought that I deserved to be turned in to local authorities.

Now, then... I have a question. You know a mom with 4 kids -- ages 12, 11, 4 and almost 2. You see the mom at the school to pick up one of her kids -- no other children in the car. Then KNOWING she's not at home you stop and knock on her door. Little 4 yo answers the door (we are working on this one... grrrr).... "No, mommy went to get ** (11 yo). She will be right back." Now, then would you investigate further or just call authorities? Me? I would want to investigate further -- giving them the benefit of the doubt especially since given that there were other older children living in the home.

Well, this person didn't investigate further and called...... Now, had she investigated further into this BEFORE calling she would have found a few things... 1st being that the 12 yo was ALREADY home -- since he'd been kept home due to having tossed cookies during the nite. And that the baby was sleeping. So NO! I didn't leave my younger children unattended. Big brother was home -- in his room playing a game knowing EXACTLY where I was because I TOLD him BEFORE I left.

Now am in the midst of teaching my 4 yo to go get Mommy, Daddy, or Big Brother (12 or 11 yo -- whom ever is home) when someone knocks at the door. I am IRATE over the simple stupidity of this because I know who turned me in -- even though its been throughly denied, because as a parent and adult I would investigate further before calling authorities. And I think too that if you are going to call and turn someone in at least have the guts to be honest about it.


Blogger farmgirl said...

Some people need to get a life beyond being a trouble making busybody. Free babysitter, perhaps? (KIDDING.) : )

Thu Mar 02, 10:43:00 AM  

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