Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging # 19

African Violet Blue -- Parent and baby.

It's time for Weekend Herb Blogging and Kalyn is our host at Her Kitchen. She does an awesome job doing a round up of those who submit their herbs and recipes. I have not had the opportunity to sumbit herbs as its been wintery here. However, I have been submitting my favorite "houseplants". She has been gracious in that she accepts all things green that grow! Please visit her site and tell her about your favorite plant or say "Thank you!".

I decided it was time to divide these African Violets. There are two large plants in the one white planter. Since the "lion" planter was empty I thought I would give it a go and split the two plants.

Parent and baby seperated

Here I have seperated them, and replanted the "parent" plant back into the white planter. In the "lion" planter I crushed up 4 egg shells and placed those in the bottom. I will have to be mindful of how much I water the baby plant as there are no holes in the bottom of the planter. I will let you know progress on these plants as time goes on. I will feature them about once a month.

Both AF replanted.

Here you see both of them planted and ready to go back inside the house.

I have decided to start my garden around April 1. At that time I will post the "new plot" and show progress as we get the fence in place and build the planters. I will be starting onions this week in a large tot pool. I found out from my MIL that now is the time to start them.

Have a great week!
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