Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why post....

Hey !

Well... I have not kept up with this and most likely will not continue to keep up still. I will try to post when I feel like it.

Current projects -
1. de-cluttering my house
2. resin jewelry/castings
3. papier mache shelving. (I will post a picture of that soon as I have already started it. And despite belief it is very sturdy stuff. I guess I can post work in progress pictures. but alas, no promises.... )
4. rag rugs. learning a technique is interesting.... and you can learn several things from these videos ---


Laura does an excellent description/footage of how to make these simple beautiful rugs. Of course, I have to be difficult and try it with yarn. Am having problems with the yarn twisting.... ba humbug! Suggestions on keeping the yarn from being ornery and twisting are welcome....

Chat soon!

Many blessings!


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