Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging...

I dont have a picture to show this time. Xannon was shot and killed by a neighbor in my community. This particular neighbor doesnt care if they are family pets or strays -- they come in his yard they are dead. My boys have been devestated.. my heart is broken. I don't think there is much more I can do about this. I have decided that we need to build a catery. My cats may not like the idea of being "penned" up, however, the alternative is much less acceptable. We are also missing Marlin -- the large orange and white tom we had for over a year. I know there are several other neighbors that have cats that they do not bother to spay or neuter. I have mostly done my female cats as I was able to. Yes, I probably have too many cats as a general rule.
1. Missy came to us when we lived in Kerrville some years ago. She too was shot -- her right front leg just below the elbow was blown out. The vet was able to set her leg in a special cast and she recovered. She has a constant limp and probably arthritis. Missy is spayed.
2. Ayla -- I got her from a friend. She's done well and is a pretty calico and spayed. She had:
3. Coral -- who's now two and spayed.
4. Boots is from Ayla's first litter -- and neutered.
5. LeChat was a rescue from a counselor -- and spayed.
6. Pita -- another rescue abandoned by previous renters.. and spayed.
7. Carmel -- current not spayed and preggers with hopefully a Xannon Baby.. she will be spayed as soon as the babies are weaned.
8. Spooks -- spayed and still as silly as ever.
9. Bandit -- a feral tom whom we have never been able to trap to neuter. And blind in one eye from a fight a very long time ago.
10. Merlin - a little orange and white male that is still a baby. Need to get him fixed ASAP! (Get him done before Carmel is done with pregancy and babies)
There are two feral females we are going to trap this summer and take them to the shelter. I cannot afford to keep taking care of all of them -- not my favorite thing to do but what else can I do? You cannot hardly afford to fill your car much less care for all these animals. I don't care to adopt anyone out at this point and time. Xannons memory is still too fresh.

Have a great day.


Blogger Becca said...


I am so sorry. I know how much you love your animals and I'm sure it will take time to grieve the loss of Xannon. The kids are taking it hard too I'm sure. You're in my thoughts and I do hope that the kitty on the way is a great remembrance and a good way for the kids to see some happiness again.


Sat Apr 29, 09:32:00 PM  
Blogger Riana said...

Oh, I am sorry about your loss. ((hugs))

Thu Jun 01, 03:58:00 AM  

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