Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My favorite kitty

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LeChat was given to me as a rescue. Her and her sibling were very sick when they were found underneath a building. I brought both home and tried to figure out what to give them. Chat's sister died within a few hours of getting them home, and Chat is around today thanks to some antibiotics, kitten milk and a bunch of TLC. She absolutely adores me and my husband. Tolerates the kids. And absolutely LOVES attention. I had alot of encouragement to do just to get her to stay on the little wall long enough to get a picture of her.

Milk? UGH... OKay, I had a tinsy bit of milk over the weekend and suffered for it greatly! My scalp which had cleared up is now a mess again of itchy flaky nasty stuff. So back to the dairy free!! No question about it. I need to contact WIC and find out what I can do for the kids, oh, and the pediatrician too...


Blogger farmgirl said...

She's beautiful!

You will have to join us for Weekend Cat Blogging. The details are in my Saturday WCB post.

Wow, sounds like you are super sensitive to dairy. At least you figured it out. Have a great day--and too much fun with your camera! : )

Tue Sep 27, 08:57:00 AM  

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