Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Day 7... What to say?

The dairy free is going well. However, news flash......
I found out just how much fun "stupid" could be.
My ex- husband (married June 27, '00 - divorced Oct. 19, '03) recently did something REALLY REALLY stupid.
Read the full story here.
My take on this --- On September 9, 2005 I was contacted by a fella telling me he was a reporter from the associated press wanting to talk to me about said ex -- (read story above). He told me all that my ex had claimed and asked me to verify some information for him. I did, knowing that my ex was not intitled to what he was fixing to recieve in the wake of Hurricane katrina. I contacted my local Crime Stoppers division. Gave them all the information that the reporter gladly told me. I didn't hear anything back from anyone, so I started making additional calls. These calls started on Tuesday and led me to talk to a Lt. Detective based in Bergen Co. N.J. He quickly took down all the information, including a description of my ex and other things. He was very interested in this case. That all happened by Wednesday, Sept. 14. On Friday I called the Lt. Detective again and he told me that they had verified all the above information that I had given him and were just in a holding pattern on who's jursidition my ex fell under. I also contacted a Detective in my county for any other information. The detective in my county thanked me for making the calls I did, stating his time was limited in following up on my ex and his antics. No problem, Detective sir!
Tuesday -- Sept 20. Lt. Detective from Bergen Co. N.J. returns my call to let me know that he recieved the emails I had promised. And then let me know that my ex was in jail. WHOA! Really?! YUP. It's been in all the papers -- that reporter sure was mad! I talked to him too, and he wanted soo much to make an example out of my ex. He got his wish! I have found approximately 6 related articles in all -- three major newspaper companies -- all in the New England area, a Mexican translation thru Yahoo, freerepublic, and one yahoo photo shot. When was the ex arrested? Saturday, Sept 17. So, thus "You Cannot Fix Stupid".
He will be spending quite some time in jail from what I understand, however, I am waiting to get results on his sentencing. I know my ex well, and its likely he will plea bargain out, if they let him.

Many blessings everyone.


Blogger farmgirl said...

My goodness. What a story. Sounds like good riddance to bad rubbish to me! (So sorry to hear that he won't even pay you the child support he owes.)

Wed Sep 21, 07:59:00 AM  
Blogger farmgirl said...

P.S. I just read your profile. I love the movie "A Walk In The Clouds." : )

Wed Sep 21, 08:00:00 AM  

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