Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 2 Dairy Free -- Compassion

Day 2 --- it's been an "off" day. I didn't have any milk products that I can be certian of today.
Breakfast was
Cream of wheat with cinnamon and sugar
two eggs easy over cooked with olive oil
two pieces of toast - dry
Late Lunch
McD's nuggets and fries and for dessert two apple pies (I only ate half of one; had to share you know) -- okay so that isnt really healthy but me and the kids were hungry again so I fed everyone.
I prepared No fuss Chops, carrots and rice for dinner. YUMMY!
And had plenty of water to drink through out the day.

How do I feel today? Scattered but not zombied like so many times before. And frustrated -- Munchmouse had a bad morning of it. He woke up cranky and stayed that way til I snuggled wrapped him and put him out! Little guy slept the entire rest of the morning. It threw off my morning though... what's good about it though is tomorrow is a new day and I can try again!

Part two of todays entry: Self compassion what does it mean and how does it work?
In our day to day lives we have "compassion" for those around us. If they mess up we have an objective view of their mistake and often times in compassion let them know it's okay to make mistakes. That everyone makes those mistakes all the time. So, where does self compassion come in? When we make mistakes we let ourself know that "its okay to make mistakes and to learn from it and not repeat it." Or, if someone attacks us we can acknowledge that instead of saying to ourselves "yeah, they are right -- we are ____ " (fill in the blank -- stupid, dumb, crazy, ect.) You can acknowledge that you are hurt by what they are doing and accept that its normal to feel hurt. Tell them that what they are doing is hurtful and walk away. Providing they let you walk away. If they do not let you walk away then it may not be a safe situation for you to be in. Consider it. Self compassionate people are more responsible, reliable and well adjusted. And you can change from a self destructive attitude to a self compassionate attitude. It's good for you. Look it up too, I did a google on "self compassion". Some really good information out there that I just do not have the space to cover here.

Many blessings everyone! Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment!
One day I will figure out how to leave a picture too! Won't that be cool?


Blogger Becca said...

Self Compassion.....was this left for me? lol I'm loving your blog and even though we talk often, I find out new things about you all the time.....kinda cool huh!!


Mon Sep 19, 10:26:00 PM  
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