Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging #29

There is a lot I have learned in the past weeks about African Violets. One of them being that there is about 15,000 varietes! Now that is mind boggling! I have added to my collection and have found a few very resourceful sites. Rachel's Reflections is just one of those sites.

Below you can see some of my lovely bloomers!

This one is an Unknown and I believe a rescue from Lowe's.. The leaf is standard in size and the flower shape would be considered "pansy".. So I am just going to call it "Blue Pansy Standard".

This is my Strawberry Daquiri. I don't know when it will bloom again. But you can find photographs at -- they have loads of pictures of these beautiful plants in full bloom! When my S.D. blooms again I will show you.

This is my new addition - It's called a Winter Ice. It has tri-colored leaves - white, light green and dark green. The blooms are Doubles that are white with blue edges. Doubles means there are two sets of petals on the blooms. Positively a favorite already.

Going to the African Voilet nursery is dangerous to my account. There were so many beautiful violets to choose from, and the nursery has half a huge house dedicated to just violets. (The other half of the house is too, but those are not for sale as they are cuttings that are in the process of growing up into pretty new plants.)


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