Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Day in The Life... 04/04/06

The Great Escape! Valentine munching on a bale of hay....
Outside the goat pen!

She just climbs on through the fence to munch on the grass and other yummy items she could find. She also got braver and braver -- getting ever closer to the busy road we live on. And you can see below how the neighbor had to fix his little artist from getting out. He tied up the tin with wire, making sure of course, that none of the goats would get injured on it. He's got two new additions, and I will show them off tomorrow.
A wall for the escape artist.

Baby Looking Glass Begonia

You can see an earlier picture of the plant here when I first placed it into a pot and read more about it there. It's obviously doing quite well. My parent plant got plagued by something and has nearly died back to nothing. I am currently treating it and will show off pictures when and IF it recovers. I am certianly hoping it will and will gladly share my findings if it does well after its blight with either mold or scale.. not sure which.

Have a great week! Remember to kiss and hug those you love, and tell them you love em too!


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