Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ICMYT and my clothing....

Welcome welcome.... I have some pictures that I am going to work on in the morning to post. Tonite the computer will be taken up by my dh doing some work on it so it wont be available and right now I have a headache and keeping it simple is best for me.

I got some clothing over the Christmas holidays. And by March they didnt fit me anymore. I have never gained weight quickly enough that I had clothing that didnt fit in a few short months. This week I have been able to fit back into the jeans that I got over the holidays. And I have been exercising too, when I can.

Also, want to pass along that it is a good chance I won't be blogging often over the next two or so weeks as my Mother In Law has been diagnosed with cancer in her brain. She's not expected to recover, and they have already done everything they can for her. I am already losing work hours as I have asked to take time off to make it to different functions with my husband while we work through this trial in our life.

Many blessings!


Blogger Hammer Down said...

Hanging in there with the family. I am not sure how to e-mail you directly to get the ICMYT links @ cafe mom. Please advise.

Wed Apr 16, 12:58:00 PM  

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