Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sippy cups and workouts....

For anyone who has kids you usually have a stock of sippy cups too.
You ever find long lost sippy cups (usually around 24 hours old) that had milk in them that is now soured and gross? Don't want to spend money on new ones because you know that the kidlet is going to loose them anyway? Get you some water color paints and then steal that paint brush out of it! You can use that brush in that hot soapy water to clean out those hard to reach places of the sippy cup. Like the spout and the crevice of the lid where it seals against the cup!

Many of us want to work out and often find ourselves in front of a TV or some other place unable to keep up with that aerobic dancer that bounces across the room in front of you. I found a dvd at my local library and I absolutely LOVE IT after only one work out! Yep, am gonna be sore in the morning but I really did enjoy this workout and plan to continue to do it everyday. It's easy to keep up with and gives you a satisfying workout without making you feel as if you are trying to roller skate up hill! Click the blue link to get you a copy of this workout today! I am not getting anything except a nice tight tummy and bum for recommending this video!

Mom and Tot Workout


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