Monday, December 11, 2006

I don't know why I bother!

I really have no idea what to do about my 2 1/2 yr old son Logan. Honest to God - I do have clean clothes that fit his 2 yr old body. But you wouldn't know it everytime that boy walks out the door in nothing but a diaper! Oh, and it doesn't matter if it is 105 degrees or -100 degrees he prefers being NEKKID!

I dressed him in a cute little sleeper outfit not 15 minutes ago, prior to coming in here and reading my evening dose of blogs. I look up and here he comes all smiles and guess what?! No sleeper!

I asked him, "where are your clothes?!" He grins at me and promptly turns around. Moments later he brings me the sleeper -- basically balled up into itself. "Here mommy." I untangle the legs and arms from the body of the sleeper and call Logan to me. He HELPS me put it back on him.

As he's leaving the room he's pulling the zipper down to his naval!

Do any of you have velcro -- you know the kind that I can glue to his body and maybe keep some type of threads on him so he doesnt catch a death of a cold???


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