Monday, December 11, 2006

I am avoiding my housework.....

A Cool Pic Blog! Check it out. I was amazed at the pictures of things I saw there!

Today I want you to go outside if the sun is shining and look at it with your eyes closed and take deep cleansing breaths! If you belive in a "Higher Power" think of it as His/Her beautiful light shining into your heart and filling you with contentment!

Yesterday I was just not feeling up to par. So I sat at the computer most of the day and read this blog's archives -- Crystal's blog - Boobs, injuries, and Dr.Pep* I laughed til my sides hurt. My 13 yo son was extremely disappointed that I would not let him read "the jokes". Crystal is honest and brilliant at expressing herself with words -- and simply put it would be over the 13 yo's head and just like her own 13 yo there are just somethings you cannot explain to a kid his age!

My husband, bless his heart, told me I should write more openly similar to what she does. I told him I censor myself often since I was not sure how he would feel about me writing about our little family -- and its own issues. I have been censored a bunch in my life -- my first ex-husband is an a-hole. And God forbid I express any of my needs. And my second husband -- his idea of censoring left a great deal to be desired. So, maybe I might work through those issues and express myself here more often.

Happy Holidays!


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