Saturday, December 24, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging # 29

Spooks checking things out.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Spooks was just a baby in April. We had been unable to capture her for months on end. She was about 4 to 5 months old when we finally snagged her and put her in a cage for a short time. This was to adjust her to seeing, hearing and being apart of our "tamed" world.

After a few weeks I moved her into the large bathroom off the master bedroom. Here she learned to cope on a different level with us. After a while I noticed not only was she very bored but also had become more curious about us and what we did everyday. So, I started leaving the door open -- which she now knows how to open if its not jammed shut with a butter knife. (its one of those nasty pocket doors)

She has become quite the character now too. She chases my feet from under the living room couch. She also sleeps with me and my husband -- more like IN-BETWEEN us stretched out full length with that obnoxious motor of hers just a rumbling. She will walk on her hind legs across the floor bouncing like a rabbit and bat at me. If we are not "awake" on time in the mornings she will run full speed across the bed, bouncing from the bed to the small couch we have in our room.

Spooks will "hang ten" by jumping on the edge and hanging half way off on the couch when we are watching TV - usually bright eyed and bushy tailed in appearance. She comes looking for attention now too, which is a far cry from the shy reclusive little ferocious beast we had just a few short months ago. She knows her name and will come trotting quickly to us when called, much like a dog would -- most of my cats are this way. (Especially Xannon - check him out here. As he will BOUND from across the yard when called.)

Spooks still shys away on especially "frolic-y" days and earned her name due to her inate ability to go from docile purring fur bag to animated cactus in the time it takes to blink.


Blogger b'gina said...

Hi, Heather. Merry Christmas and holiday joy to you all.

It's nice to hear Spooks' story. One of the feral kitties that I feed is just about tame enough for me to pull her in the window, now. But my Madame LouLou would make short work of her, which would defeat the whole purpose. I just hope I can catch the two little girls in time to get the spayed before they get preggers.

Wish me luck!

Sun Dec 25, 01:55:00 AM  
Blogger it's only fuel said...

Merry Christmas Heather, from all the furry kids at The Poor Cracklins:)

Your Spooks has that wild look about her, she's beautiful:)

Sun Dec 25, 04:54:00 AM  

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