Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weekend Herb Blogging # 10

Future Garden Spot - Hopefully

It's time for Weekend Herb Blogging # 10
Kalyn is our Herb Hostest with the MOSTEST! Each week she inspires and encourages everyone to participate in showing off their favorite herb/vegie/houseplant/garden plants/ or even maybe a brown thumb silk plant! Go visit her blog at Kalyn's Kitchen and see what all the rub is about! If you want to join in and show off your favorite plant or flower just send her your permalink and she will add you to the featured and ever growing list!

My selection for the week is my hopefull spot for my new garden next spring. I have a bunch of work cut out for me to do. There is a fence to build to keep out the white tail deer and there are 9 (4x6 ft) container plots to build too! I want to do an arched entrance like my MIL has on her garden plot. I have a list of things to plant too... but have not finalized it as of yet. I am looking to do about 900 total square feet for the fenced area. With all my plots set I will have an extra 300 or so square feet that I will have room to spread in. Wish me luck in being able to get my supplies in order for all this stuff. (fencing, wood, and soil!)

Enjoy your week and Many Blessings!


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