Saturday, November 26, 2005

Weekend Cat Blog # 25

Missy posing!

Missy adopted my family some time back when I was still living with the ex and she really is one very lucky and loved cat. Shortly after we moved to the trailer park from "&#*( someone decided she looked good for target practice. They blew out her right leg just below the elbow joint. She was rushed to the vet and the vet and the ex insisted it was a "dog" wound... Yeah, right...... After x-rays and a good cleaning the attendant found shrapnel. Some dog bite -- he must have had filings...

And without further ado please continue with -------------

Attention Cat Lovers! It's time for Weekend Cat Blogging #25!
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Blogger farmgirl said...

What a sweetheart. It's amazing what some people will do to a cat. Very sad. So glad she found you. : )

Sat Dec 03, 04:39:00 AM  

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