Saturday, November 26, 2005


Okay, most people have bloopers at the Thanksgiving Dinner. Oh, burned rolls, underdone mashed potatoes, or too much salt in a dish making it un-edible. We were very fortunate that all of the dishes that were prepared by family and friends turned out very nicely for our dinner at Grandma's house. No bloopers to speak of for the turn out there --- OH NO!! My 4 yo son certianly made up for that when we returned home.

He decided he was hungry and wanted to warm up a roll in the microwave. He and I have gone rounds about that microwave too. I have repeatedly told him to leave it alone and if he wants something warmed up to come and get me. Inevitably he will push 5 across the board on the micro.

And sure enough that is what happened!

Best as I can recall I was laying down with Logan on the bed, my husband Sean was on the couch watching TV and the older boys were out in the living room playing. I rarely see my husband MOVE THAT FAST! He was off that couch in the bat of an eyelash and in the kitchen. All I heard was "SMOKE!"

It was billowing across the kitchen ceiling and winding its way to the bedroom and living room. Sean unplugged the toaster and microwave and opened the door. He discovered the source of the smoke instantly as the thick acrid stuff poured out of the microwave.

One VERY CHARRED dinner roll lay in a blackened heap on the glass protective platter. My microwave will take months to get rid of the nasty smell. And the 4 yo found out the hard way how serious Mommy and Daddy are about leaving said appliance alone.


Blogger Becca said...

What a way to learn a lesson huh! Hope your day was a good one and I hope to see you around tomorrow.


Thu Dec 01, 09:21:00 PM  

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