Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Tear and A Kiss

The holidays bring many joys and some sorrows
as it travels thru the end of our year.
For the most part I have had many joys for
the last several weeks since Thanksgiving.
Tonite brought my sorrow.

There's been a rift building you see...
between me and one I love dearly.
First came a misunderstanding --
one I did offer to remedy.
I do approve, you see, of choices made
because it is so important to you and to me.

First came the broken promise of a visit,
then more distance as the rift seemed to grow.
Perhaps its the holiday season rush
-- or maybe not.
Right wrong or indifferent
its there, a fact, regardless.

A phone call a few days ago
brought stressful tidings of a loved one ill.
Later, another phone call and
the loved one is thankfully improved.

The phone rings and is answered
by my mate, "Well hello friend!"
A smile crosses my face --
she called you see.

"I only have a few minutes til dinner is ready
but I wanted to call and say 'Merry Christmas'."

Responses around, "Merry Christmas to you too."

After a few other exchanges I hear,
"I miss you!" "Miss you too, friend."
The mate chimes in, "Wish you were here!"
Without missing a beat,
"No offence, but I am glad I am not."

Right, wrong or indifferent --
OUCH! That stung.
You see, the holidays are so busy you know.
Things get missed in the rush too and fro.

So, now I am here -- to say,
"Remember me when you are ready too --
but for now I must go."

I couldn't wait to get off the phone to cry.

You see, that hurt so badly that I sat here
writing out what I felt for you to see.
You won't hear me cry,
you won't see my tears.

When you come around again
I will be here,
waiting and smiling because
I love you and miss you so much.

Good bye seems forever, so instead I will say
"Talk to you later when things calm down
and we can really talk without
all the mad rush too and fro
and things get forgotten.
Give me a call, I will be here."

Signed with a tear and
sealed with a kiss,
Your Sis.


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