Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Boys! Well, 2 of em anyway!

These two are my oldest and youngest sons. My oldest is 16 and the youngest is nearly 3. (3 weeks and counting til his birthday!) My oldest says, "OH BROTHER!" My ex-husband had for years asked me not to put up pictures of "our boys" so I had honored that until recently when I found pictures of the boys that I have custody of online at his new wifes myspace account. So, now he can just kiss my rear end! I will be putting up pictures of my kidlets over the next year now! Different things they are interested in and some candid shots of silly things they do.

The oldest took the youngest on the swing. Here you can see just how much they were enjoying the interaction on that silly rope swing. My youngest is a dare devil and goes where Angels fear to tread. He climbs everything and gets into all things possible.

Later on -- I will show you pictures of the Birthday boy! We have more celebrating time to come at the local Pizza place so I will have many pictures.

Have a great weekend! And Many Blessings!


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