Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's me again....

so, things once again have been crazy for me. I have not had much time off and I am praying about it. Seems if I want something bad enough praying works better than asking. And just let me point out that praying a prayer of thank You for _____. You fill in the blank actually works better than asking for it in the first place. So, I will be praying for less working hours -- that I am home at least three nights a week.

There is plenty going on. My husband has been working long days at the new racing shop he is at and he loves it! I have started playing around with materials/crafty stuff to make some butterfly's. I already learned how to manufacture the material to get nice clean wings done.

The boys are in school as they should be. My littlest one will begin potty training soon. He's starting to show interest in going potty on the potty chair. YAY!! Soon no more diapers! And I hope that I don't have to raise my grandkidlets!

Tomorrow?? I hope to get pictures posted. And to clean out the camera as it is due for it... just another thing to add to my growing list of things to accomplish and get. I went shopping today and I already have a list a mile long.

And now my favorite bloggers list for this week --
Chrystal's Blog is well worth reading and a giggle a mile a minute.
The Pioneer Woman - Ree recently had a photo contest and she got a zillion hits. She's alot of fun to read too. And I recommend catching up on the last week of posts so you can get her DELISH recipes for Lasagna and Chocolate cake!

Hope you are having a blessed week, keeping warm and safe!


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