Saturday, March 17, 2007

Last falls visitor....

Just wanted to post something fun. This butterfly is beautiful of course.

We have had some challenging times these last few days.

We are learning the three L's and the three R's.

L= listen, look and learn.
R = Request response reward.

I wanted to chitchat about more but am exhausted from today's events.

I took my husband to the airport for his little excursion out to the west coast (which secretly am hoping he falls in love with the area because I would love to move back out there.) We talked about airport stuff while we were there and I came up with that its not "prime realty" its "prime crime!" for what they charge to have an establishment on airport grounds. Geeez! But it made for an early start to my day. I was sleeping after returning home but my 12 yo woke me to ask for something and going back to sleep was not an option.

It would be my luck that it was raining when he arrived to Seattle. *sighs* LOL

Oh well.... hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Many blessings!


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