Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Afternoon Delight

Spring Daffodils

The afternoon sun gave these beauties the shadows you see cast across them. I took this picture over a week ago and the flowers are already gone.

My son Logan is a hoot. For a nearly three yr old child he's got the memory of an elephant. About a month ago I went and paid the phone bill, while there in the lobby Logan forgot his airplane that I had gotten him from the store. When we returned to pay this months bill he REMEMBERED that he left his plane there in the lobby and searched it. When I mentioned to the customer service rep. what he was looking for she produced the plane from a drawer! That kid has a steel trap for a mind! Not many would remember where they left a toy a month later!

My husband returned from Seattle, Washington last night. It was a long, hard trip for him. However, the upside to this is now he's very interested in the area. Which I am thrilled! I want to move back to Washington because of so many reasons I can barely start to touch on here. The people, the culture, and the scenic views. I really miss those mountains.

Am off and running for the day -- getting my house clean one corner at a time!



Blogger Angie, Robert & Stephen said...

Pretty flowers. Keep your chin up sis, I'm pulling for you.


Fri Mar 30, 02:27:00 PM  

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