Thursday, September 07, 2006

A summery of Posts

Okay, I have been out of pocket with work for 9 days. I do 12 hour shifts and some of them have been doozies.

This weekend we have a HOST FOR WEEKEND CAT BLOGGING! (Please be sure to refresh your browser each time you visit so that you can see the new submissions)

SWEET SARA J is Hosting this weekend -- You can contact her at

Or leave a comment at CHEF SWEET SARA J

Weekend Cat Blogging has been a huge success for a long time -- if you are a first time visitor, or have been browsing my blog for a while please visit CHEF SWEET SARA J and be sure to comment, participate and enjoy all the blogging kitties we have to share!

Other blogs of interest that I love to haunt recently are

Pioneerwoman -- this site is not for the weak of stomach -- you are warned -- but delightfully funny all the same.

Rocks In My Dryer by Shannon -- she does the Works for Me Wednesday Blogging which is another HUGE success!! Plenty of neat ideas from all corners and walks of life. Be sure to check it out and share something that works for you!

BooMama tells it like it is and is fun to read. I visit at least twice a week. And with 9 day working stints like I just did its hard to visit all the blogs that are fun to read.

I hope you have a great weekend and I hope to MAYBE get a cute picture of a kitty and participate also in WEEKEND Cat Blogging -- but no promises folks. My work load is carved in jello -- when the jello gets hot it melts and when it cools again I have to start carving new and fresh!



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